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Man's own dog helps police bust him on drug charge

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 4:45pm
PRATTVILLE, Ala. (AP) -- Police in central Alabama say a man's own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge....
Categories: Associated Press

Taylor Swift gets a Bronx cheer as NYC Ambassador

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 3:31pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift! The locals are kvetching about you already....
Categories: Associated Press

Menino, Boston's longest-serving mayor, dies at 71

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 3:05pm
BOSTON (AP) -- Thomas Menino, whose folksy manner and verbal gaffes belied his shrewd political tactics to govern as Boston's longest-serving mayor and one of its most beloved, died Thursday. He was 71....
Categories: Associated Press

Chevy makes the best of exec's nervous speech

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 2:51pm
DETROIT (AP) -- Shortly before 9 a.m. on the day after the worst night of his life, Rikk Wilde got the phone call from his big boss at General Motors....
Categories: Associated Press

PA peace activists charged in vicious attack

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 2:50pm
WASHINGTON, Pa. (AP) -- Two "Stop the Violence" organizers allegedly beat one of their colleagues so severely that he vomited blood and was left unconscious in critical condition....
Categories: Associated Press

Not so sweet: Chocolate prices are set to rise

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 1:19pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- That bowl of chocolates for ninjas and ghosts won't cost you more this Halloween. Picking the perfect sweet for your Valentine could....
Categories: Associated Press

US voters deciding on billions for conservation

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 12:32pm
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) -- Voters across the nation are deciding whether to set aside billions of dollars for parks and preservation in what some environmentalists are calling one of the most significant elections for land conservation in American history....
Categories: Associated Press

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 11:39am
Here's your look at highlights from the weekly AP photo report, a gallery featuring a mix of front-page photography, the odd image you might have missed and lasting moments our editors think you should see....
Categories: Associated Press

Fearing Ebola? Doctors say get a flu shot

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 11:24am
CHICAGO (AP) -- Fever? Headache? Muscle aches? Forget about Ebola - chances are astronomically higher that you have the flu or some other common bug....
Categories: Associated Press

Sweden recognizes Palestinian state; Israel upset

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 11:15am
STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Sweden's new left-leaning government on Thursday recognized a Palestinian state - a move that comes during increased tensions between Arabs and Jews over Israel's plans to build about 1,000 housing units in east Jerusalem....
Categories: Associated Press

Sri Lanka says no hope finding mudslide survivors

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 11:02am
KOSLANDA, Sri Lanka (AP) -- Hundreds of desperate Sri Lankan villagers dug with bare hands through the broken red earth of a deadly landslide Thursday, defying police orders after a top disaster official said there was no chance of finding more survivors at the high-elevation tea plantation....
Categories: Associated Press

Gunfire, arrests erupt as Giants fans revel in win

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 10:48am
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The celebration in San Francisco's streets over the Giants' World Series victory turned raucous and violent, with two people injured by gunfire and a third stabbed. Police got pelted with bottles as they tried to disperse crowds....
Categories: Associated Press

Elaborate FBI repairman ruse shown in videos

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 10:20am
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Wearing a lapel camera and posing as an Internet repairman, an undercover government agent walked into a luxury villa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and recorded everything he saw as part of a major international gambling bust....
Categories: Associated Press

Viral video documents New York street harassment

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 8:16am
NEW YORK (AP) -- A video recording the comments a woman hears as she walks around the nation's biggest city is a testament to the pervasiveness of street harassment women face, its creators said....
Categories: Associated Press

AP PHOTOS: A look back at the Rumble in the Jungle

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 7:58am
It was 40 years ago that two men met just before dawn on Oct. 30, 1974, to earn $5 million in the Rumble in the Jungle....
Categories: Associated Press

Brutal winter set to hit war-torn eastern Ukraine

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 7:00am
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) -- Dark tunnels in the basement of a bombed-out hospital in the eastern city of Donetsk lead to a makeshift shelter. Opening the door hardly alleviates the gloom, for the only lighting inside is the flicker of handmade oil lamps....
Categories: Associated Press

N. Korea cracking down on a distant threat: Ebola

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 6:39am
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- Japan is not exactly Ebola country, but when a high-level delegation from Tokyo arrived in Pyongyang this week, two of the first people they met were dressed in full hazmat gear....
Categories: Associated Press

New dynasty: Giants capture 3rd title in 5 years

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 6:13am
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Bruce Bochy is crazy superstitious. It's a little-known fact about the unflappable San Francisco Giants manager....
Categories: Associated Press

Activists: Myanmar clinging to political prisoners

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 5:24am
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- Myanmar has freed more than a thousand political prisoners since former military rulers handed over power three years ago, a move that has smoothed the former pariah state's international rehabilitation. Now the government says the job is done. Human-rights activists and the U.S. say, not so fast....
Categories: Associated Press

AP PHOTOS: Israel prison hosts inmate fashion show

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 3:35am
RAMLE, Israel (AP) -- Alert the fashion police: prisoners in an Israeli jail have presented their debut collections, bringing the do's and don'ts of design straight to the halls of a penitentiary....
Categories: Associated Press

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