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AP Top Entertainment News At 4:30 a.m. EDT
Updated: 21 min 41 sec ago

Elizabeth Spencer wins $30,000 short story prize

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:05am
NEW YORK (AP) -- Elizabeth Spencer, a revered Southern author still active in her 90s, has won a $30,000 short story prize....
Categories: Entertainment

Poet Claudia Rankine wins $50,000 Jackson prize

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 9:33am
NEW YORK (AP) -- Claudia Rankine, a poet born in Jamaica whose experimental verse and bracing social commentary have earned her high praise from her peers, has won a $50,000 prize designed to help her gain more attention from the general public....
Categories: Entertainment

David Baldacci hits `The Target' with new thriller

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 8:53am
"The Target" (Grand Central Publishing), by David Baldacci...
Categories: Entertainment

Joss Whedon releasing film for digital download

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 11:31pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Joss Whedon is releasing a film he wrote as a $5 digital download, bypassing the normal channels of independent film distribution....
Categories: Entertainment

Discovery network cancels Everest jump

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 10:19pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- The Discovery Network is canceling a daredevil's planned jump off the summit of Mount Everest in a wing suit next month following the avalanche that killed at least 13 people on Friday....
Categories: Entertainment

Review: B'way's 'Violet' shows beauty in its score

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 9:01pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Some musicals are big and brassy, calling out for attention with their razzle-dazzle and sassy sets. Others are more demure, letting their simple beauty shine. How appropriate then that a show about inner loveliness chose the latter path....
Categories: Entertainment

Country music singer Kevin Sharp dies at age 43

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 7:28pm
FAIR OAKS, Calif. (AP) -- Kevin Sharp, a country music singer who recorded multiple chart-topping songs and survived a well-publicized battle with cancer, has died. He was 43....
Categories: Entertainment

Bid, Dick, bid: 'Dick and Jane' artworks for sale

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 4:03pm
BROOKLINE, N.H. (AP) -- In the portrait, the little boy's blue eyes twinkle as he looks straight ahead. His apple cheeks shine. There's a gap in his teeth, and his reddish-brown hair is just slightly tousled. He's an All-American boy....
Categories: Entertainment

Dealer wanted in US for art fraud nabbed in Spain

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 9:32am
MADRID (AP) -- A Spanish businessman suspected of having dealt in millions of dollars of fake art has been arrested during Easter festivities in southern Spain, officials said Sunday....
Categories: Entertainment

New portrait unveiled for British queen's birthday

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 8:36am
LONDON (AP) -- A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by renowned British photographer David Bailey has been unveiled to mark the monarch's 88th birthday....
Categories: Entertainment

'Touched by an Angel' producer back in series TV

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 1:02am
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- In the decade that "Touched by an Angel" executive producer Martha Williamson has been away from series TV, much has changed. A new golden age has brought more daring shows, from "Mad Men" to "House of Cards" to "Breaking Bad," and more ways to see them....
Categories: Entertainment

Jack White records songs, releases vinyl in hours

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 8:36pm
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Jack White played his new single "Lazaretto" for a couple of hundred fans on Record Store Day and four hours later a copy of the performance was available on a limited run of vinyl....
Categories: Entertainment

Carriage horse foes picket Liam Neeson's NYC home

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 5:42pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Animal welfare activists picketing Liam Neeson's home on Saturday said they don't agree with him that the city's carriage horses should keep working....
Categories: Entertainment

Mrs. Obama to appear on May episode of 'Nashville'

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 5:34pm
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Michelle Obama is going a little bit country....
Categories: Entertainment

Fox executive fired over Flight 370 charity email

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 4:58pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- A veteran Fox executive who used her company email account to plan aid for loved ones of the missing Malaysian airplane's passengers has been fired....
Categories: Entertainment

Sen. Warren's book focuses on working family woes

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 4:05pm
BOSTON (AP) -- At the beginning of her new book, "A Fighting Chance," U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren describes the moment she grew up....
Categories: Entertainment

Egypt's el-Sissi visits Coptic pope before Easter

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 2:46pm
CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's former military chief and presumed presidential front-runner visited the Coptic pope Saturday ahead of Orthodox Easter, making his first public appearance since he formally made his bid for the presidency....
Categories: Entertainment

Exhibit recreates Warhol's 1964 World's Fair mural

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 12:53pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Even for a 1964 New York World's Fair that celebrated "The World of Tomorrow," Andy Warhol may have been ahead of his time....
Categories: Entertainment

Coachella's young audience a marketers paradise

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 11:24am
INDIO, Calif. (AP) -- When it first started in 1999, Coachella was a couple of stages and a dance tent. Tickets were $65. A few dusty stands sold hot dogs and Cokes. It was the end of grunge and the start of a new millennium, and it was all about the music. All for one weekend....
Categories: Entertainment

Sutton Foster and Jeanine Tesori bond backstage

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 10:46am
NEW YORK (AP) -- There were two visitors to Sutton Foster's Broadway dressing room the other day....
Categories: Entertainment

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