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Prices at the pump head below $3 in much of US

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 6:41pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- The price of a gallon of gasoline may soon start with a "2" across much the country....
Categories: Associated Press

Turkey, still coy, joins fight against militants

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:55pm
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Moving from reluctance to refusal and finally to acceptance, Turkey is joining its NATO allies and fellow Sunni Muslim nations in a coalition to destroy the Islamic State militant group. But the world is still waiting for details of any new, specific aid and is warily watching to make sure Ankara keeps its commitments....
Categories: Associated Press

Holder resigning: Attorney general backed rights

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:54pm
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Eric Holder, America's first black attorney general and an unflinching champion of civil rights in enforcing the nation's laws, announced his resignation Thursday after leading the Justice Department since the first days of President Barack Obama's term. He is the fourth-longest-serving attorney general in U.S. history....
Categories: Associated Press

345 rescued people refuse to leave Cypriot ship

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:49pm
LIMASSOL, Cyprus (AP) -- A cruise line official says more than 300 people, apparent refugees fleeing from Syria, are refusing to disembark from a cruise ship that rescued them from a small boat stranded off Cyprus....
Categories: Associated Press

Syria's Islamic rebels fear US could hit them

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:36pm
BEIRUT (AP) -- When the United States opened its aerial campaign against the Islamic State group in Syria this week, its first salvo also hit an al-Qaida cell it says was planning terror attacks - a move that has injected more chaos into the conflict and could help President Bashar Assad....
Categories: Associated Press

2 American heavyweights frame NY Film Fest

Entertainment News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:28pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- With a pair of much-anticipated book adaptions, two heavyweight American filmmakers frame the 52nd annual New York Film Festival....
Categories: Entertainment

Groundhog dies after escaping NYC mayor's grip

Strange News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:26pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Her shadow was one of the last things she saw....
Categories: Entertainment

Drones for moviemaking win FAA approval

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 4:53pm
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government granted six movie and television production companies permission to use drones for filming, an important step toward greater use of the technology by commercial operators, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced Thursday....
Categories: Associated Press

Utah to appeal ruling in 'Sister Wives' case

Entertainment News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 4:50pm
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Utah's attorney general has decided to appeal a ruling that struck down parts of the state's anti-polygamy law in what marked a significant victory for the family on the reality TV show "Sister Wives" and polygamous families living in Utah....
Categories: Entertainment

Kardashian jostled outside Paris fashion show

Entertainment News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 3:48pm
PARIS (AP) -- Kim Kardashian received a fright at a Paris Fashion Week event Thursday when she was apparently jostled by someone waiting in a large crowd outside her car....
Categories: Entertainment

Dashboard video shows shooting of unarmed driver

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 3:31pm
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- A South Carolina state trooper's dashboard video shows an unarmed driver being shot just seconds after he was stopped for a seatbelt offense - and the trooper, who was fired last week, has now been charged with assault....
Categories: Associated Press

Kardashian gets scare outside Paris fashion show

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 3:15pm
PARIS (AP) -- Kim Kardashian received a fright at a Paris Fashion Week event Thursday when she was apparently jostled by someone waiting in a large crowd outside her car....
Categories: Associated Press

Iraqi woman activist killed by Islamic State

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 3:03pm
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Militants with the Islamic State group tortured and then publicly killed a human rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after their self-proclaimed religious court ruled that she had abandoned Islam, the U.N. mission in Iraq said Thursday....
Categories: Associated Press

Jason Aldean is engaged to Brittany Kerr

Entertainment News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 2:29pm
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Country star Jason Aldean and former "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr are engaged....
Categories: Entertainment

Iraqi PM: Plot to attack US, Paris Subways

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 1:53pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- Iraq's prime minister said Thursday that captive Islamic State militants told his intelligence agents of an alleged plot to attack subways in the United States and Paris....
Categories: Associated Press

Syria, Iraq oil controlled by Islamic State group

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 1:47pm
BEIRUT (AP) -- For the first time since the Unites States and five Arab countries started bombing positions of the Islamic State group in Syria, oil installations under control of the militants were targeted overnight and early on Thursday. Here is a look at the oil in the hands if the Islamic State group, which has overrun several large oil fields in Syria and a smaller one in Iraq....
Categories: Associated Press

Kurds see Turkey impeding Islamic State fight

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 1:29pm
SURUC, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey and its Kurdish population - for decades in conflict - suddenly find themselves facing a common enemy in the Islamic State group. So it may reasonable to expect prospects for long elusive peace between Turkey and Kurdish rebels to improve....
Categories: Associated Press

Qatar women withdraw over Asian Games hijab ban

AP Top Stories - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 1:09pm
INCHEON, South Korea (AP) -- The Qatari women's basketball team withdrew from the Asian Games in protest against international rules that ban players from wearing Muslim headscarves in competition....
Categories: Associated Press

CBS analyst Phil Simms to avoid saying 'Redskins'

Entertainment News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 12:52pm
NEW YORK (AP) -- CBS lead analyst Phil Simms plans to try to avoid saying "Redskins" during Washington's nationally televised game against the New York Giants....
Categories: Entertainment
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