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December 3rd

Suzanne Furgason

Suzanne Furgason, age 71 of Port Saint Lucie, FL, formerly of Lenawee County, died Monday, November 30 in her daughters home in Florida surrounded by her loving family.  She was born on June 18, 1938 in Pittsburg, PA, the daughter of William and Jean (D’Elia) Caligiuri.  She married Robert Furgason on her birthday, June 18 in 1957 and he preceded her in death on May 2, 2006.

She enjoyed traveling, camping and playing cards. Her greatest joy was her family and friends.

She is survived by two sons; Robert Jr. (Dawn) Furgason of Britton and Joseph (Nancetta) Furgason of Glasgow, KY, two daughters’ Colleen (Tim) Roberts of Port Saint Lucie, FL and Angela  Rogers of Columbus, Ohio, two sisters; Carol (Richard) Sheldon of Allen TX and Mary (John) Reutter of Port Saint Lucie Fl, twelve grandchildren with one on the way and five great grandchildren.  In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by one brother, William and his special friend Fran.

Visitation will be held on Friday, December  4, 2009 from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m.  at the Tecumseh Chapel of Handler Funeral Homes.  Funeral services will be held on Saturday, December 5 at 11:00 a.m. with Pastor Clayton Carn officiating.  Burial will follow in Ridgeway Cemetery.  Memorial contributions may be made to the family.  Condolences may be offered to the family at

Thanksgiving Dinner serves 155, Orens express thank you

To the Editor,

Thank You! The 4th Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner was a huge success because of all your help…

We want to thank everyone for planning, spreading the word, setting up, and decorating, donating food and money, baking pies, volunteering, delivering meals, serving, helping people feel warm and welcome, washing dishes, and cleaning up…
We appreciate the generous support through donations from the businesses and organizations of Tecumseh…

Busch’s, Lev’s Bakery, Jerry’s Market, Wendy’s, Basil Boys, Big Boy, St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church, Tecumseh Middle School, Tecumseh Garden Club, and the Tecumseh Herald.
We delivered 55 outgoing meals to homebound and elderly individuals, Tecumseh Police Department and Lenawee Community ambulance drivers, and we served 100 meals at the dinner for a grand total of 155 dinners.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

Matt & Pam Oren

November 27th

New breast cancer screening guidelines: Say what?

Yeah, so you had to know I might have something to say about this. I didn't find my cancer with a regular mammogram or a self exam. I found it by "accident." Still, what the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has recommended makes my blood boil. It builds on this assumption that breast cancer is an "older woman's disease" and it just isn't happening in younger women. Sure, it's not happening as often, but it's happening more and more. I was diagnosed at age 38, two years before my regular mammograms would have started. Fortunately, I had been doing regular self exams, so that I knew when something didn't feel right.

Not only does the Task Force recommend regular mammograms start at 50 and then are only given every two years, but it poo poos the notion of regular self exams. In so many words, they encourage women to just let it go. If I'd just let it go, I'd have been dead. If others I know who did find their cancer through mammograms had just let it go, they'd be dead. 

The fact is that most breast cancers found in young women are more aggressive than those found in their older counterparts. With these guidelines women risk finding cancerous tumors in their breast later stages when treatments are harsher and the chances of survival decrease.

Really, it's about weighing the options. The argument that these new recommendations would keep women from going through the "agony" of unnecessary exams and false positives makes me cringe. If you discover your positive is a false, that's a blessing in my book. The agony, my friends, is when the positive is actually positive.

Find some interesting facts about breast cancer in young women at the Young Survival Coalition website.

November 25th

Tecumseh Public Schools face looming ‘financial crisis,’ grim forecast for 2010-11


The Tecumseh School Board approved a resolution Monday night to begin responding to what Chief Financial Officer Bill Wright described as “a financial crisis for Tecumseh Public Schools,” considering ongoing losses in student enrollment and reductions in foundation allowance monies due in part to the state’s faltering economy.

The resolution authorized district officials to: 1) establish a special committee to review the TPS financial position; 2) request and authorize administration to open all labor agreements for the purposes of reviewing wage and benefit levels and cost containment; and 3) identify mid-year budget cuts in response to the recent state aid reductions of $292 per student.

Wright said that given the recent foundation allowance cuts of $165 per student and $127 per student this year, and a projected cut of $600 per student for next year, the prudent response would be to identify and implement some mid-year budget reductions. The district anticipates a further loss of 140 students for fiscal year 2011 with a two-year reduction in revenue projected to be $4,630,048 or 19.7 percent of the formula revenue received in fiscal year 2009.

“I think time is of the essence,” said Wright. “The time has come to entertain these recommendations to respond to the crisis we believe we have in the district in the next couple of years.”

“I think this is a first step forward for us,” said Board President Debbie Johnson-Berges. “It’s a huge step to try to deal with what is an unfortunate set of circumstances for the state and for us.”

Tecumseh resident and Autoweek editor talks cars with LISD TECH Center Automotive Technology students, rides in with $172M Audi

STORY 2.jpg


To be an editor of a car enthusiast magazine he subscribed to for a long time is something of a dream job for Tecumseh resident Roger Hart, but it’s a role he’s served in for nearly a decade now. Hart is Managing Editor for the world’s leading automotive enthusiast publication, AutoWeek magazine and its Web site,

Last Friday, Nov. 20, Hart visited the Lenawee Intermediate School District (LISD) TECH Center’s Automotive Service Technology students to discuss various avenues that can open up in the automotive industry — even unexpected pathways as happened for Hart. Students were more than a little impressed with the wheels Hart drove into the Center’s shop. It was an Audi R8V10 with a sticker price of $172,000 and students aimed cell phone cameras at everything from the engine compartment to the dashboard to help preserve the moment that they got a close-up look at the sports car.

Part of Hart’s job is to test drive cars, about 210 of them a year, and then write about the experience. He told the students that over the previous weekend, he’d driven an Aston Martin, on Monday a BMW, and on Tuesday, a Smart car, which he didn’t particularly enjoy because it is not the right car for a 60 mile commute from Tecumseh to Detroit. Hart “talked tech” with the students, told them he was one of diesel’s biggest fans, and admitted he was a “car guy” from way back when he was a teen in Morenci and he and his dad helped a friend replace an engine that blew up on a 1968 Firebird.

Tecumseh Police Department dispatcher explains how she used communication technology to help locate wounded woman

STORY 3.jpg


Last week, the Herald reported on a story about how Tecumseh Police Department Dispatcher Monica Andrews had helped emergency responders locate a woman in Connecticut who had been stabbed multiple times after the woman used a cell phone to dial 911. Former Tecumseh resident Jeffrey Asbill was later arraigned on attempted murder charges.

Since then, Andrews said the phone was actually not a cell, but an Interconnected VoIP service (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Such services have proven to be a challenge to emergency responders because they are different from landlines and cell phones. A VoIP allows a person to make and receive calls to and from traditional phone numbers using an Internet connection.

Still, tracking down the call that made its way into the Lenawee County Sheriff Department’s 911 Center was pretty amazing. The call came up with a Tecumseh address, and Andrews dispatched officers to a Union Street address. She said as they checked things out, however, information on the computer screen listed a Connecticut phone number, prompting Andrews’ further investigation which led to her also contacting the appropriate responder in that state.

One of the Public Safety challenges has been that with portable interconnected VoIP service, consumers can take their home or business phone service almost anywhere with them and use virtually any Internet connection. Although service users initially provide an address, such as the former Tecumseh family did here, procedures are only now coming into place (through the Federal Communications commission requirements) that prompt updating information such as an address when a person relocates. This, at least, is expected to help track callers in a specific geographic area if they are using VoIP systems by providing an initial and current address to start from.

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