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June 10th

Parent claims son was mistreated by high school teacher

To the Editor:

Many of us parents perform the decent act of getting our kids off to school for a great education.  We watch as our kids enter through the doors of the public facility we entrust to provide the proper teaching skills that will allow our children to become successful in their futures.  We correctly do our part as parents in making sure our children have the necessary supplies needed to get them through their day at school.  For the most part, they are prepared with their books, paper, pencils, calculators, homework, and school projects.  We leave them there thinking they are safe and being taught the proper educational, moral, and behavioral skills needed to become successful adults in their futures.  However, this is not the case at the Tecumseh High School. Our children are not being treated with the respect they deserve at this school. I know of one in particular teacher who has verbally abused students, including my son. How many more teachers are guilty of ridiculing, humiliating, and degrading our children at this school because it is being allowed?  I know it is a fact that this kind of intolerable, appalling behavior has been experienced by other families as well as my own because these families have told me there personal stories.  It is time we fight for our kids!! Our voices need to be heard so we can stop the cruel verbal abuse that is leaving our kids spirits' bruised. These painful bruises inflicted upon them by harsh, demeaning words from the very ones we entrust to protect and teach them... the teachers! Why do I say it is being allowed? Because they are acting in this horrible, unprofessional manner without any repercussions of these actions!  The teachers are not being forced or encouraged to give sincere apologies, and they are not being forced to miss a day of work without pay. The teachers don't even get a simple slap on the wrist. Nothing is being done about this uncivilized behavior!!  It is time that these cruel actions by those who choose to be mature adult examples and leaders toward our kids take responsibility for their unwise, ignorant decisions!!  And, please, do not use the lame excuse that you reacted stupid because you were hurt and angry. Our kids cannot, and will not be allowed to treat a teacher that way, and neither should a teacher be allowed to act in this despicable manner toward a student!  It is you teachers that have chosen this profession, and it is you teachers that need to be the mature, acceptable, and honorable examples to your students!

Arts group hosts Garden Party at local art studio

To the Editor,

 This past Saturday, Community Arts of Tecumseh hosted a Garden Party  in the beautiful gardens surrounding  Bonnie Auten’s Art Studio. Her studio is in the Auten Farm Bureau building and was open to the public.

We would like to thank Bonnie and Keith Auten for hosting the event. Local artists volunteered time to  demonstrate their artistic talents. Thanks to Bridget Obrien for her Botanical Works of Art, Linda Newton- Name Designs, Anne Flora- Fabric Flowers, Dian Renschler- Oil Painting, Karen Trigaux-Mosaic Designs, Mary Burnam- Caricatures, Jean Lash - Origami Art, Kristin Schick - Painted Pebbles, and Laura Mastrorocco- Event Planner.

Community Arts of Tecum-seh offers art classes to children through adults in the John Smith Park Building. 

The Summer Class Schedule is available at the east branch of First Federal Bank, downtown stores, Parks and Recreation and The Art Center 804 N. Evans St., Phone: 423-0000.

Our web site will be live the end of June.

Martha Melcher

Oil/gas drilling is blatant disregard for our ecosystem

To the Editor,

I don’t know what to make of the reception I receive when voicing concern for the Raisin River Watershed and the oil and gas drilling in and around the River Raisin wetlands and some of the 54 lakes in the Brooklyn/Irish Hills. There seems to be a disconnect between common sense and the objective reality of the situation.

How much more is necessary to illustrate the point that oil and water don’t mix, when we witness the heart-wrenching enfoldment of the worse environmental disaster in US history?
Bringing it home, are those that extol the virtues of our county water sources refusing to dialogue, let alone take personal responsibility for a situation rapidly unfolding before our very own eyes.

I have never witnessed such fear, apathy or blatant disregard for the health of an ecosystem that all are connected to and benefit from. I shake my head when I look at the excellent publication distributed by the River Raisin Watershed, Everyone Lives in a Watershed - River Raisin Watershed, and think how embarrassed I would be to give this to a child, when I know what adults are not doing to protect the water of generations to follow.

Thank you for allowing me to dump my frustration in print. Letter to the Editor is the only public format open to air continued concern.

Pamela Bacon

Poppy donations support veterans and their families

To the Editor,

On behalf of the American Legion Auxiliary, I would like to acknowledge the many people that made our recent Poppy program such a success. From the women who called members to collect donations, the ones who helped count money, and the businesses, which allowed us to stand at their door, I thank each and every one of you.

All of the donations collected will go to Veterans and/or their families.

Charlene Williams
Poppy Chairman

Wants voters to wake up at the polls to fight socialism

To the Editor,

 A wake up call
At the beginning of World War II the Japanese Admiral who executed the attack on Pearl Harbor upon learning the attack took place before a formal declaration of war said “We have probably just awakened a sleeping giant and filed him with a terrible resolve.” Our Country has a history of falling asleep and being rudely awakened, often at a terrible cost. Does the Civil War and 911 come to mind?  History books have often reported us as “America the unready” because of complacency as we approached many of our challenges as a Nation.

 In an effort to place a minority in the White House many fine and good hearted Americans recklessly bent over backwards reacting instead of listening before voting.  Because of this and left wing organizations such as ACORN, we have voted in a hardcore collectivist (socialist) as President.  We are now facing the fact that we are in real danger of losing our cherished American freedoms.  If we do not wake up and stay awake this November we may not ever get up again!  We must not just gain control of congress, but gain a veto proof majority to undo the damage now in progress. I hope that Americans are rapidly becoming aware of the threat. Unfortunately, many are in denial and believe that President Obama and his Chicago style corrupt machine are good for our Nation and our future.
I recently received an E-Mail stating that, as a country, we can easily survive the Obama administration over the next few years. Will we, however, be able to survive the people that put him there?  “A Nation is only as good as the people in it.”  Author unknown

June 7th

Tecumseh rallies for District title

See video


A 3-0 victory over Chelsea in the Division 2, District 54 semifinal at Jackson Northwest had Tecumseh’s varsity baseball team advance to the championship where the Indians defeated the hosting Mounties 4-3 for the title.

“Pitching and defense wins a lot of games and it showed today,” said Tecumseh coach Tom Bullinger.

Stephen Bilotta started on the mound for Tecumseh and went six innings before being relieved. The Indians went to the bottom of the sixth inning trailing 3-1 but a three run rally set up a showdown in the seventh.

The Indians come-from-behind rally was set up with a walk to Tecumseh’s Jordan Guenther and a double from Bilotta. With men on second and third, Matt Napieralski grounded out to send in Guenther while a double by Connors had Bilotta sent home. A single by Moore scored Connors and what proved to be the winning run.

“They know that we’ve got to play all the way to the end, the very last out. I think we’ve learned that this year,” said Bullinger.

A change in pitching staff got the Mounties out of the rest of the inning.

The Indians also went to the bullpen, sending in Hooper’s fresh arm for the final inning. Backed by a solid defense, he was able to secure the victory. Hooper walked the Mounties’ lead-off batter and a bunt and error followed that had Northwest in scoring position. Tecumseh catcher Jared Powell tagged out an aggressive run home with a bullet from Guenther but a runner remained on third base with two outs recorded. Hooper settled down and helped the Indians secure the hard-fought victory.

Bilotta struck out five in the win while Hooper struck out one.

Moore gave up four hits and no runs while striking out five to earn the win against Chelsea.

The Indians gathered around the Division 2, district championship trophy after rallying from behind to defeat Northwest 4-3. It was the second consecutive district title for the Indians. Photo by MICKEY ALVARADO.

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