‘Many reasons’ to support the upcoming library millage

To the Editor,I am thinking of the people of Tecumseh as they decide how to vote on the library millage issues on May 7.Our family had just moved to Tecumseh in 2002 when the first millage try went down in defeat. Almost before I knew it, the library was open only ten hours a week. It was appalling. How could we have relocated to a place with virtually no library?What kind of people would be satisfied with that?Thus began my journey with the library and its then newly-reconstituted Friends of the Library group...and our family’s love affair with Tecumseh.With the help of a new director, new board, staff, and the community, we members of the Friends changed the library of 2002 into something so different, both physically and in attitude....Well, let’s just say that if you haven’t been there since 2002, you won’t recognize it! But of course you’ve been there, right?Perhaps for a genealogical or historical program, or a book sale, book club, or a children’s or teens’ event?I still have a copy of my published letter to the editor, a very simple thing to write. We were proud to post a pro-millage sign in our yard on South Union Street. We fought hard and finally won a smaller rate hike, thinking then that surely things would be better ten years from 2003. Well, it is arguably worse than ever because of the even greater rise of the Internet, but there are still many, many reasons to fight the good fight!If you wonder what those reasons may be, use your home computer to Google “reasons for a library.” The first item I came upon listed 100 solid reasons. If you have no home computer, run down to the library and use one of those! Hmm, there’s one good reason there.My husband and I miss Tecumseh, with its beauty, history, and friendliness, and especially miss the lovely library and great staff. Such a wonderful place needs its wonderful library; it has improved even more with its strong and dedicated Friends group. (Are you new to the area, or just in need of some interesting friends — and who isn’t? Then come on down!)We have lived many places in my husband’s career, but Tecumseh holds our fondest memories. Jane RosenbargerJackson, Missouri

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