‘Remember a veteran and give thanks’

To the Editor,Every year at Memorial Day I cannot help but to remember my four uncles: Uncle Pete Cook, Army; Uncle Earl Cook, Navy; Uncle Albert Cook, Navy; Uncle Julie Vince, Army; and my Grandfather William Wright, Army.All five served with honor and were examples of the sacrifices and determination of the “World’s Greatest Generation” at a time when the world and our nation was at war.It is so important for us as a nation to remember not only the sacrifices of the many veterans who served, but also their families who sacrificed for gasoline rationing and food shortages, which were typical for the day. Many of our soldiers did not return home and paid the ultimate price for our freedom today.It was not all that long ago, and today we are losing thousands of our brave veterans from World War II and Korea monthly, and soon they will be all called home. It will be all too soon, too late, for us to show our appreciation, and gratitude as a nation “Under God.”So when I look at this picture I can remember my Uncles, and all those who served our nation, because they were my elders and my friends. They set the example for me to follow, and I must question if, as a country, and as a nation “Under God,” do we today honor and respect this sacrifice during Memorial Day or is it just a day off?All of my uncles and my grandfather lived in the area, and some of their children still do.In all of our Veterans memories and sincere appreciation, this year remember a veteran and give thanks.William FilberSpring Lake, Michigan

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