‘We are so blessed to live in this safe, beautiful, small town’

To the Editor,Just a short note, I hope, to brighten your day. A couple months ago I left my purse in a grocery cart on a bright sunny busy Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of Meijer’s. It was miraculously turned in with its full contents! I pray often for that person that the Lord will bless them 10-fold for their goodness.A week ago the grandkids were coming and I thought again how I wished my camera was working. I hadn’t taken any pictures of them in two years and I had hunted all over to buy a new one with no success. Then I remembered our camera shop. I called, yes they were open. I dropped it off and 15 minutes later he called to say it was ready. The grandkids were here by then and went with me. They were intrigued by this unique little shop. He said it was a stuck button and he didn’t want any money! Who does that! He could have said $35 and I would have been thrilled!I could tell you more stories about our city workers, police, and firefighters, but your eyes would start to glaze over. We are so blessed to live in this safe, beautiful, small town. I grew up in a very large town where you would clutch your purse to your bosom when you got out of your car to go pay for your gas and pray that you made it back to your car without being robbed.Joanie ShookTecumseh

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