Adrian resident gives credit to dispatcher for fixing court problem

To the Editor,

    On Saturday I received a notice from the Adrian Court stating that I have an “outstanding past due balance of $274 to this court” and “if no contact is made within five days from the date of this letter” the court would make a recommendation for a warrant for my arrest. The letter was dated May 4, I re-ceived it on May 8, a Saturday, which made the fifth day, Monday. In addition to all of this, the bottom of the paper stated “drivers license suspended.”

Monday morning I called the court in Adrian and found out this was over a ticket I received in January of last year. The ticket was for a headlight out on my truck. I had fixed the headlight, had a Tecumseh officer check my vehicle and sign my ticket. I then mailed the ticket to the court and subsequently forgot about it, until I received this letter. I was very frustrated by the time I called the court on Monday. I talked to Penny first, who was very nice and helpful. She is the one who told me what the paper was for and that they had not received the signed ticket. She referred me to Mr. Fetzer in administration. Mr. Fetzer stated a letter was sent two weeks prior telling me that I needed to take care of the matter or this action letter would be sent. I did not receive that letter; considering the amount of junk mail we receive, I may have missed a letter from the court. Anyway, Mr. Fetzer told me if I could get ahold of the police officer who inspected the repair and signed the ticket, we could work on fixing this.

I then called the Tecumseh Police department and talked to Monica. I explained the situation to her. Monica took my phone number and told me she would see what she could do. Monica then set out texting off- duty and on-duty police officers, asking if they signed a fix it ticket for my vehicles description. She found the officer who signed it, called the Adrian court, had the ticket canceled, and had my driver’s license reinstated. She called me back and let me know that the problem was fixed.

I was shocked. I figured I would be spending the next few days at the Adrian court house, paying fines, jumping through hoops to get my license back. This woman, who had no obligation to me, spent time and effort fixing my problem.

I went from feeling angry, anxious and worried, to sudden relief. I can’t thank Monica enough for her help in solving my dilemma. Mr. Fetzer told me that next time I mail in a ticket (hopefully there won’t be a next time), I should make a copy of the ticket beforehand and make a follow up call a few days later to confirm that it was received.

Again, a big thank you to Monica at the Tecumseh Police department. You made my whole week.


Jeff Laderach



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