Airwaves flooded with lies on facts regarding Mitt Romney

To the Editor,In response to Mr. Madison and Bassemier’s letters on 8/16, it’s obvious they do their research at Fox “News,” believe the lies of Carl Rove and Koch Brothers, and Super Pac’s that are flooding the airwaves.Let’s look at some Romney/Ryan facts: Romney’s business plan, when he started Bain Capital, was to create massive wealth not to create jobs. He knew that he could make even more by sending jobs and production overseas. In 1998 he was on the ground floor of outsourcing when he invested in Global Tech Appliances in Hong Kong, China, a company dependent on appliance production being moved from the US to China. Those investments and profits were filtered through Sankaty Ltd. Romney’s Bermuda tax shelter. Mr. Romney continues to lie that he left Bain in February 1999 when all Federal, State disclosures, sworn statements and many corporate documents clearly list him as the 100 percent sole owner, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board well into 2002.When he took over the troubled Olympics he promised “total transparency” but never provided the records, contracts or e-mail correspondence that were actually burned when he left.When his Massachusetts residency was challenged, when he prepared to run for Governor, he swore on the disclosure statement that he had claimed residency in Massachusetts when actually he had claimed a $54,000 deduction for his home as a resident of Utah. He later had to go back and revise his returns and pay the taxes.While he was Governor he was 47th out of 50 in job creation but created 500 new fees (taxes) for the Middle Class and poor and gave big tax cuts to the wealthy. He paid a Call Center in India $160,000 per month to answer calls on how the poor could access food stamps. When the legislature passed a law disallowing such outsourcing of state jobs he vetoed the law. He has now said that he will not provide the rest of his 2010 or the promised 2011 tax returns as it just “gives too much ammunition to be criticized by the other side.” When we already know he has countless millions in tax shelters in at least six foreign countries and Swiss bank accounts we have to wonder what is in his other returns that is so awful that he won’t release them. There has to be something very dire in those returns for him to take the heat from all sides for not providing them. Tax avoidance is the only reason for off shore accounts. When he says he never paid “less than 13.6 percent in taxes” he doesn’t say in “income” taxes. Sure he pays lots in property taxes and sales taxes. Did he take advantage of the Government’s Amnesty program that let those holding Swiss Bank accounts return those funds to this country without penalty? The fact is under the Ryan/Romney plan Mr. Romney, a man that makes more than $57,000 per day on his investments, while the Middle Class work 40 plus hours weekly would pay less than one percent in taxes. Is that really fair?After the Romney/Ryan plan gives big tax cuts to their wealthy supporters and especially Wall Street and the Health Insurance Industry they are going to give them even more by handing over all of us as their new customers when they do away with Medicare and Social Security as we know it. There will be no way to fight it or any protections against their abuses as they will also remove the regulations that governor those businesses… Those are the facts. Pat ZuidemaAdrian

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