Applauds Rubio for faith, dodging media questions

To the Editor.Marco Rubio is being attacked because he believes The Word of God is true — well, God bless him for being a true son of the Christian faith! Rather than trying to get into some deep argument with concepts and principles difficult and complicated to explain, he dodged the media. Good! He knew they just saw a soundbite to exploit attempting to make him seem an idiot and someone unfit for political office. He should have referred his detractors to, a very respected website with answers to the questions they were posing.Being a creationist should not be tantamount to being a rube or uninformed, since it actually takes more faith to believe in the theories of science rather than the truth found in the Bible.I applaud Marco Rubio! He might never achieve grand political office, but such devoted faith just may gain him a much higher one! Crystal D. RoeTecumseh

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