Blaming others hurts determination, ability to problem solve

To the Editor,It is easy to grumble and complain as our wages are frozen, benefits decreased, and work loads increased. I have benefited from generous public school funding in the days when there was no shortage in the state budget and the flourishing industry in our county provided good jobs and benefits for many. We became accustomed to ample work and steady raises. But then our state economy took a nosedive. The ripple effects have been felt by all as we’ve had to do with less.Much of the recession in our state happened because powerful auto and teacher unions negotiated for promises to workers and retirees that neither the state nor the private sector could sustain. We are now paying the consequences of that “over promising.” Legacy costs have strapped our schools and broken many businesses. The result has been high rates of unemployment and mass exodus from our state, both of which have exacerbated our economic problems. Looking at our state’s problems, I am one who is grateful for a governor and state legislature who have worked diligently to reform many of the structural problems that caused the downsizing. They have restructured business taxes and rescinded 700 anti-business regulations to encourage business growth. In just two years our state has gone from No. 48 to No. 7 in business tax ratings, making our state a more favorable choice for new business. Nancy Jenkins, our state legislator, has been a part of the success in bringing about these changes to create solutions for the structural problems in Michigan. Some of these decisions may cut benefits in the short-term, but will cause long-term benefit and growth for our once great state. Blaming others and getting stuck in self-pity only robs us of our problem solving, optimism, determination, and American ingenuity.Having lived, worked, and studied abroad, I realize how blessed I am to live here, even in difficult times. We live in a state and nation where people around the world envy our opportunities to live and work because of the prosperity we enjoy. Many sacrifice and risk all to come here. I choose to concentrate on what opportunities and blessings I do have and will persist in supporting those we elect who are studying the problems and working hard to continue the improvement of economic conditions in our state so it may endure and thrive.Kristine YeutterAdrian

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