City considering second year for radio campaign

Last year, the city of Tecumseh worked with area businesses and nonprofit organizations to fund a 2013 Pure Michigan radio marketing campaign. The campaign included a radio ad about Tecumseh narrated by comedian and TV star, Tim Allen.Pure Michigan! campaign committee members are in the process of determining whether the city will partner again for a second round next year.“We’re just in the process of contacting our local partners to see if we can obtain funding again,” said Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch, who said so far, the response has been good. Welch said the committee is hoping to raise $30,000 for the coming year.“The campaign itself is $25,000, but we’re hoping for the additional $5,000 because of some additional ads that could be placed,” Welch said. The state needs a commitment on the funds by December 1, in order to be included in next year’s campaign.In 2013, the Tecumseh radio spot was targeted for summer exposure, and Welch said it would likely be summer next year as well, since it encompasses a longer season of exposure on the radio.“I’ve not heard anything negative about our first campaign, and I think the real true way to determine success is by doing it for a couple of years,” he said. “Everyone might not necessarily experience a benefit the first year, but our hope is that everybody had a positive impact from it.” Welch added that technical feedback from the campaign indicated a good deal of interest in Tecumseh.Tecumseh received 973 partnership clicks in July of 2013, whereas there was just one click on the site in July 2012. Tecumseh did not make the top 300 in clicks on for July last year, but was the 273rd most clicked property for July 2013. Top URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator/ Internet address) on for July were Hidden Lake Gardens, River Raisin Run, and Parks and Recreation.“The city received 600 requests for visitor packets,” said Welch. “That’s something we didn’t anticipate, but it was a good thing.”For more information, contact Welch at 424.6555.

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