City nears completion of community center makeover

Plans to welcome J. Tree Cellars and a new tasting room to the Tecumseh Community Center are progressing nicely as crews finish up the city’s portion of remodeling inside the building. “We plan to hand over the keys by January first,” said Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch. The city also partners with the Department on Aging and ProMedica Fitness Connection, who already occupied the building. “The staff have been very accommodating and have made the transition easy for us. We had to close for two or three days, but mostly we’ve kept it open.” He added that the closing was due to work involving a water shut-off and the fire suppression system.City crews from the Department of Public Work and the Utilities Department have done much of the work; however with a recent snowstorm, officials decided to hire out some of the additional work. Professional plumbers and other technicians have also been utilized.On Thursday, Dec. 19, Bill Goble, of Goble Dry Wall and Painting in Tecumseh, was busy putting the finishing touches on the walls which now divide the senior center from what will be J. Tree Cellars space. New restrooms are being added to the Senior Center portion of the building. Welch said the portion of the inside remodeling that the city is responsible for was budgeted between $25,000 and $30,000. “We’ve added some energy efficiency things, such as new thermostats to control both sides of the room, which should help balance between the two sides,” he said. As soon as they have the keys, J. Trees Cellars will be remodeling their side of the building, which includes the eastern half of what was once the largest room and an area that once housed the Parks and Recreation Department offices. Goble said owner John Treloar has hired him to assist with that project. Welch said J. Tree Cellars will lease the space for $1,050 per month. The Department on Aging’s lease was recently amended, and ProMedica, which operates the Fitness Connection will move some of its classes into the Glass Room, effective January 1.“These leases will help the city generate new revenue we wouldn’t have generated before,” said Welch. “The rent should more than cover the utilities in that building, which in the past has not covered very much.”Morgan Porter, Tecumseh Senior Center Director, said the change has been a little difficult for some of the seniors.“They’re having a bit of a hard time with it, but we talk about how it’s going to be a good thing when it’s done because we now have dedicated space exclusively for the Senior Center and will be able to make it our own,” Porter said. “The construction has been a little rough for us, but we’re really looking forward as things progress and hoping the changes will help us grow participation in our center’s activities.”

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