City to rejoin Pure Michigan radio campaign

Tecumseh city officials plan to build on last year’s success in participating in the Pure Michigan campaign by becoming involved for a second year. City Manager Kevin Welch recently reported that the city had received pledges of $26,225 toward a $30,000 goal for raising funds. The actual cost to be a part of the campaign is $25,000, however, Welch said an additional $5,000 would help the city respond to requests for information. The city sent out more than 700 packets about the community last year.“This will help offset the postage costs to send out the packets,” Welch said. He added that the city is now close to the goal, pending a final commitment from a potential funding source.Contributors include the city itself, Tecumseh Public Schools, Tecumseh District Library, businesses and organizations and a few individuals.This year’s contributions are slated for the state’s Summer/Fall campaign, and would utilize the same radio commercial narrated by television personality Tim Allen. Welch said since last year’s funding went toward making the commercial, more of this year’s financial commitment would go toward additional advertising spots. The ads are accessed on believes that last year’s campaign was a successful one and is optimistic about being involved a second year.“The advantages include total exposure of the community to people who might normally not be aware of Tecumseh because of our size and location, and this is one way we’re reaching out,” said Welch. “We’re starting to get people interested from an hour to two hours away and seeing benefits to our retail businesses. But hopefully, as people visit, some might decide they want to live here or start a business here.” He added that the campaign could also be a benefit to industrial and commercial businesses to help attract potential employees who will notice what the city has to offer and relocate here.Tecumseh Economic Development Director Paula Holtz also believes being part of the Pure Michigan campaign has been beneficial to Tecumseh and the surrounding area.“We had terrific feedback from our community and the visitors who came to town,” said Holtz, who added that visits to the city’s website and those of its partners “went through the roof” this past year.“The benefits of being on that Travel Michigan website is tremendous,” she said. Holtz believes that having Tecumseh represented on a professional commercial with Allen evokes strong emotions as people now recognize the familiar music when the ads come on.“To be part of that big brand has been a big deal for us,” Holtz said. This year, the city is looking toward boosting its marketing efforts to a new level, and the Pure Michigan campaign is one way to make that happen and expand the city’s reach, she said.“Whenever I hear one of the ads on the radio or TV and hear Tim Allen’s voice, it draws me in,” said Holtz. “I may not later remember the words but I remember the communities he’s talking about. I know whenever I hear the ads, it makes me just want to go there.”

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