Clinton man arraigned on stalking charge

Kent Ellsworth Losee, 45, a resident of Clinton Township, was arraigned Thursday, Aug. 15, in Lenawee County District Court on felony charges of stalking a neighbor’s 15-year-old daughter. The girl’s family had filed a personal protection order, signed by Judge Margaret Noe, on October 1, 2012.According to court records, Losee faces the following felony charges: Count 1 — Stalking a minor, aggravated; and Count 2 — Computer used to commit a felony. A preliminary hearing was set for Monday, Aug. 26, at 1 p.m. in Judge Laura Schaedler’s Lenawee County District Courtroom. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond at the Lenawee County Jail, an amount that was set after a prosecutor reported police found evidence Losee was preparing to leave and possibly take a victim with him.“We are just so thankful that the police got this before something happened,” said the girl’s mother, who spoke to the Herald on Monday, Aug. 19. She said she is speaking out because she wants people to know that this is something that happened in a small town, with their home located just a mile from Clinton High School, not some big city. “I want other parents to know it happens close to home,” she said. “I feel terrible for his family,” she added. “This is just a bad situation all around.”The mother’s narrative attached to the personal protection order describes how Losee approached her on the morning of September 29, 2012 on her porch, and told her he was in love with her daughter, then 14, but that he was intending to give her time to grow up.“I thought, ‘this is crazy — he’s watching us, and that’s crazy behavior,’” the mother said, and she and her family began piecing together other encounters with their neighbor that they’d previously just discounted as odd behavior. After the conversation, however, the woman and her husband decided to file the personal protection order which prohibited Losee from approaching the girl and other members of her family, or having any other contact, including by phone. The order also prohibited photographing, making a video or any other recording of the family. The order was amended in June to prohibit posting messages on the Internet. “Basically, he would post notes to YouTube about our daughter then take them off a couple hours later,” the girl’s mother said. She added that she had only seen a few, and her daughter only saw a couple that she and her husband had allowed her to see. The narrative says the girl was “freaked out” and “scared” by the incidents.The girl’s mother added that Losee’s wife left him in April while he was away. Losee’s wife also sought a restraining order for herself and the couple’s nine-year-old daughter. The Michigan State Police have been actively investigating the case, and the girl’s mother said they were informed of some Internet messages that had been written about their daughter, but could not comment further because of the ongoing investigation. She said another neighbor told her several police cars were recently at Losee’s home conducting a search. He was arrested on Aug. 14.“This has just been such a long siege for us,” said the girl’s mother. “Our kids haven’t been able to be home alone and they couldn’t spend much time in our yard, because he was right there. We had to have a security system with cameras put in because every day we were afraid he was going to snap. It’s a relief that he’s in custody. It feels like home again.”

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