Clinton man sentenced in stalking case

Kent Ellsworth Losee was sentenced in Lenawee County Circuit Court on Thursday, Jan. 16, to a 23-month to five-year prison term for stalking a neighbor’s minor daughter.In December, Losee entered guilty pleas on reduced charges of stalking a minor and unlawfully posting a message over the Internet. Over a period of time, the man made attempts to get the then 14-year-old girl’s attention, posting messages on YouTube, placing displays in his yard, and arranging unwanted contact around the girl and her family. The family filed a personal protection order in October of 2012. In September of that year, Losee came over to the girl’s house and told her mother that he was in love with her daughter, but would wait for her to grow up. The mother said it was then that they realized the man was watching them and had become obsessed with their daughter, and they filed the order, which later was amended to prohibit posting messages on the Internet.In August of 2013, Michigan State Police investigators arrested Losee after finding evidence that they believed pointed to the possibility of him preparing to leave the area and possibly take a victim with him. In court prior to sentencing, Losee said he had a mental illness, which defense attorney Laurence Margolis also had argued, and Losee claimed he didn’t realize that the family was fearful of him. In addition to a prison term, Judge Margaret M.S. Noe also prohibited Losee from having a computer or access to the Internet and ordered him to register as a sex offender for a minimum of 25 years. He is also not allowed to have contact with minors. The 65 days already served in jail were credited toward the prison terms of 23 months to five years for stalking a minor and 16 months to two years for unlawful posting of a message.The girl’s mother said that she thought the sentence “reflected Kent Losee’s actions and the evidence found in his home and computer which showed the level of danger our daughter was in, but also took into account the level of intimidation and fear our whole family lived with. The judge looked at everything that Kent Losee did and weighed it all out.”She added that the progression of Losee’s actions became “a terrible time for us,” especially with five children. “He was so close, so obsessed… it was a waiting game.” The mother said she is glad it’s over and so thankful her kids can feel at peace and that her family is whole and safe from him.“The state police and Lenawee County Prosecuting Attorney Angela Borders saved our family before something horrible happened,” the mother said. “They took the time to investigate what was happening to us and interceded before it was too late. I can’t express my thanks and appreciation to State Trooper Joseph or Angela Borders enough for their dedication and tireless effort and sincere concern and care.”She said all too often when the public hears of a situation like theirs, it’s after a tragedy has taken place — like violence, a missing girl, or finding a dead body.“I can’t say enough kind things about the good people who work in law enforcement.” She said people such as Kelly Castleberry, their victim rights advocate, and Tom Moore, the probation officer assigned to the case, have her admiration and respect and gratitude.“I am very sorry for Kent Losee’s family’s path and all he has put them through,” the mother added. “But I feel as if our rights have been protected, my daughter is safe and our family can move on in peace. The system worked.”

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