Computer tablets take away time that families should spend together

To the Editor,Bing, bop, beep: the sounds that most people hear every day over and over and over. Why? You might ask. Certainly not because they need to. But if there is no need, then why would they use tablet computers more than spend time with family or do something that needs to be done? Read on to find out why I think there should be fewer tablet computers used in the world.One of the reasons is family time. If every person in one house has a tablet, then no one will be together. And these days everyone already does their own thing between work, school, and sports. Most families can’t afford loss of family time.Another concern is kids. Tablets can expose kids (and adults, too) to violence. Today tablets have very violent games to offer, including games like Contract Killer and Grand Theft Auto.In the world ever since tablets came out, exercise has gone down. Since 22 percent of people in the U.S. own tablets, 22 percent of people play games involving a tablet instead of exercise. This can lead over time to bad health or obesity. If fewer people have a tablet, then more people can spend time exercising.Some people might say that technology helps because you can use it for work. That’s true, but most people don’t use it only for work. Most people do nothing but pollute their mind, and they don’t need to do that for sure.I have my own tablet computer, and I like it very much. But I try to cut down on game time and do something that needs to happen. Perhaps you should try this. Zech McDavidBritton Deerfield student

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