Concerned about health care future under Mitt Romney

To the Editor,I have been doing a lot of learning about our two main candidates for the Presidency. I have watched their debates and listened to them on television interviews. And I have some very real concerns about the effects on our country of a Romney presidency.Many hard-working people in the country who lost their jobs through no fault of their own have no money for insurance. As a former health care professional I know that Medicaid means that their families have basic health care. Some of us depend on Medicaid because we have a loved one who requires nursing home care. I have seen and heard Governor Romney clearly state he will make drastic cuts to the Medicaid budget and turn more of it over to the states. Most states are certainly not able to afford this unless they raise our taxes!The Affordable Care Act has certainly been controversial, but it has made a huge difference to many of us on Medicare (though most people consider me a “Senior Citizen,” I prefer to think of myself as a “seasoned citizen”). It has, so far, saved Medicare recipients over a billion dollars. Now that I am in the “donut hole” for my drug costs, I no longer have to choose between healthy nutrition and medications. Also, 50 million children who were denied health care due to pre-existing conditions can now receive care that improves their lives and saves us the very expensive cost of an emergency room visit. Governor Romney has said several times that his first act as President will be to repeal this act. Yet I have heard no real plan from him as to how he will replace it!My final big concern has to do with Planned Parenthood. This is a place where low-income women can go for cancer screening and prevention (16 percent of its budget). They receive mammograms, instrumental in early detection of breast cancer, for example. People believe that Planned Parenthood is mainly for abortions, but only three percent of their budget is for this. This is another vital health care service that Governor Romney wants to end with no plans for replacing the help it provides.These are some of the reasons I have decided to cast my vote for Barack Obama. I urge you to give both of the candidates careful consideration. Read, listen to them — don’t listen to the ads on TV. Many, especially Romney’s, I have discovered to be lies.Then vote!Connie ToweyTecumseh

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