Diver ‘feels bad’ that people did not know about fly-in at airport

To the Editor,To the people of the Tecumseh area, I do feel bad that I was not able to get the word out to you about a very special event that recently happened in our town, concerning Tecumseh’s heritage. July 22 through July 29 we hosted a fly-in for Meyers Airplanes, built right here. All three models hold exceptional status in the aviation community.Considering the price of Avgas [aviation gasoline] we had a remarkable turn out. Six Meyers OTW Biplanes, built here in 1940-1943. A Myers 145, built here in the 50s and 14 Meyers 200s. Several came from over 2,000 miles away. Unfortunately there will not be another event like this in my lifetime. Almost all Meyers Airplane owners have stated what a great city we have. I totally agree.Our airport is named in honor of Al Meyers and Pard Diver, who devoted 50 continuous years building and restoring Meyers Airplanes.I am very thankful to be a part of our wonderful community. I’m sorry the Tecumseh Herald did not feel it was noteworthy since I notified them two weeks in advance of the event.Keith DiverTecumsehEditor’s note: Mr. Diver has only himself to blame. The Herald had two reporters available to attend the event. One reporter fell ill and was unable to attend, and the other reporter, who had planned to be there, stayed away at Mr. Diver’s request.

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