Do we have the ‘courage and backbone’ to resist oil drilling in Lenawee?

To the Editor,I woke up this morning, actually 3 a.m., and hoped what I heard at the Adrian Oil Wells Forum at Siena Heights University Tuesday evening was a nightmare. But reality set in as it does daily after someone you love has died and you are left to mourn. I am now also feeling guilty that I did not realize the seriousness of the illness, that of oil wells in Lenawee County, in our beloved Irish Hills where there are 55 wells, and now all of the public lands in Adrian surrendered by the City Commission to Savoy Oil Company without a vote of the citizens that own the land in common. As a public official in Tecumseh I have been concerned with health and safety issues in our own city but have miserably failed to comprehend the gravity of the illness surrounding our beloved city.I drove through Heritage Park this week and discovered what others have already seen. I feel violated and manipulated. I never bothered to ask just what is involved with those pumps I saw in the farm fields in the western part of the county: how much water must be used to get oil out of the ground and how many dangerous chemicals are also used and discharged into our water supply.The Adrian Dominican Sisters are leading the way for the public to be better informed, but the path from here is far from easy.The information is available on the internet. The Midland, Texas community are victims of oil field drilling for one example. Nothing good comes to any community in an oil field. Their water supply was contaminated by chemicals that have resulted in illness and blame, but too late for them now.Payments for leases are a mere pittance for our silence and complicity. The horror of fracking and its out of sight under ground destruction is here with us as one neighbor's well can reach under another neighbor's property and undermine the land forever.The citizens of this county could make a difference in the inevitable outcome but do we have the courage and backbone to resist small reward or payoff for our silence, to protect this area that we took from the Indians long ago, for future generations?My anxiety and anger remain, but peace and hope are with those who act for the greater good of our neighbors.It is not too late to do the right thing.Patricia HousekeeperTecumseh City Council Person

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