Drilling for gas/oil underneath school puts children at risk

To the Editor,Regarding the article in Thursday’s edition of the Tecumseh Herald (Nov. 29, 2012) entitled “Board Approves Plan to Drill Under Sutton School for Gas/Oil”:What an interesting decision: drilling for oil/gas under an elementary school. And for $500 per acre — what an awesome trade for the possible risk to the health of elementary school children!But it is so nice to have the assurances of an “energy company spokesman” that the school board has “done an excellent job protecting the school and its property.” If only the same could be said for protecting the CHILDREN in the school who are the youngest and most vulnerable in the community.And it is so reassuring that the school board relied on a trustee who is an ATTORNEY to “read and reread the lease agreement” so they could be satisfied with it. Maybe the school board would have done a better job of protecting the community by contacting the people who live near such wells in Pennsylvania or in Texas or in North Dakota to hear what they think about the health risks associated with such drilling operations. They may have a somewhat different opinion.Richard BrownAnn Arbor

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