Driver irked that boy intentionally walked in front of oncoming car

To the Editor,About 4 p.m. Friday, as I drove out Maumee Street from the library, a young guy about 15 years old, I’d say, saw me coming and deliberately strolled across the street in front of me. The other kids smaller than he, waited on the east side of the street. You would think kids in middle and high school knew enough to wait for traffic. I honked my horn, he just gave a smirk smile and waved.If they don’t know to wait, maybe you should get a crossing guard to help these “smart Alecs” across the street. When something happens, they blame the driver. Young man, you should read this and start paying attention. I barely missed hitting you. The next time it might or might not be me, and you might not be as lucky!Think the next time instead of being so daring!J. ColeTecumseh

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