Eagle Scouts thanked for building bridge at Tecumseh park

To the Editor,

Thank you Sam Anklin and the young men of Eagle Scout Troop No. 632 for the skillful construction of the bridge over “the bog” on the connecting trail through the Indian Crossing Trails Park in Tecumseh.

Two weeks ago I experienced a humiliating up-close and personal visit into that bog when the branch I balanced on rolled. With a screech, I flailed around and reached for my niece to save me from my filthy fate. She wisely avoided my desperate attempt to bring her down with me as I was sucked down into the fetid depths of “the bog.”

I’m sure our laughter could be heard all the way to the Senior Center as I balanced on one leg, my shoeless foot thrust out behind me as I bent and fought with the mud to release the buried shoe it had wrenched off my foot.

I vowed never to take that branch of trail again as I sloshed back to the parking lot, dripping foul stinking mud all the way.

Fortunately, the use of a garden hose, a hot shower and my trusty washing machine removed all evidence of my misadventure.

We continued to take the surrounding trails, casting a wary glance to the bog trail when we passed by it, until the day we met the troup of courageous and mud-caked Eagle Scouts returning down the trail from their construction masterpiece — their 2016 Eagle Project.

Now, everyone we speak with on the trails rave about your wonderful work.

Thank you so much for enriching our experiences at Indian Crossing Trails Park.  I’m sure all Tecumseh residents feel the same.

Three cheers for Troop No. 632.


Jane Smith



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