Farmer’s Market needs to return to downtown Tecumseh

To the Editor,My copy of “Homefront” magazine arrived yesterday. When I read the article about the Farmers’ Market I was astonished by the last paragraph! It indicated the market would be held in last year’s location out in the “boonies” at Russell Rd. and Maumee.When I called Sarah Taylor she gave the same limp reasons I had heard last year: • “It’s nearer to houses.” Really? What houses? Downtown is within walking distance of most of the city.• “The traffic is a problem.” We don’t seem to have a problem with the Memorial Day Parade, or the Appleumpkin Festival, or the arrival of Santa or Sidewalk Days, or any of the other events that take place downtown. There seems to be enough parking and the vendors are able to get their merchandise onto the sidewalk pretty easily. There is plenty of parking in the lots and on the streets.• “The people I talked to wanted it at Russell Rd.” Who did you talk to? Did you take a scientific survey of over 500 people? More importantly, DID YOU ASK THE VENDORS?Last year when I went out to the “new” Farmers’ Market there were very few sellers. As the weeks went on, less and less appeared.Of course, there were fewer and fewer customers, too. I asked them if they liked the location and most of them preferred downtown. On the final weekend of the season there was a young man waving a sign to tell people where the market was! I know of no other Farmers’ Market that isolates its vendors!However, I think one of the more important aspects of a downtown Market is bringing the public into the city. The City spent many dollars to have “experts” tell them how to revitalize Tecumseh.It doesn’t take a genius to see that when the Market is downtown, the public buys gas, stops for lunch, goes into the various stores — and spends money!I hope the “powers that be” will reconsider and return the Farmers’ Market to downtown.Lois LaneTecumseh

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