Hometown library is one of its ‘cultural hubs’

To the Editor,It is my great pleasure to live in a community with a vibrant library to enrich its citizenry. From the remarkable personal commitment of the TDL’s Board of Trustees to the generous work of the Friends of the Library, we are fortunate to have individuals in Tecumseh that care so deeply about our access to books (and all kinds of other formats of information) for both personal and professional growth. Beyond just access, the Library is a warm and inviting space for the learning and recreational activities that bring us together, ensuring that we transmit an attitude of respect for the social institution of the free and public library to our youngest patrons. I can’t imagine a hometown without a library as one of its cultural hubs.While I personally have benefitted greatly from the services of TDL, on May 7, I plan to vote yes to support both proposals for Millage increases to honor the good work of our Tecumseh District Library and ensure a future of continued quality service to our community.Mary Ellen NevinsTecumseh

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