Jim Cottrell maintains Republican Party values

To the Editor,

I have supported Right to Life for many years. However, I do not agree with the Right to Life PAC’s strategy for endorsement.

Jim Cottrell, 57th District State Representative, the candidate who has been working long and hard through the Republican Party to maintain the values of the conservative 2012 Republican Platform, including the sanctity of life, was not endorsed.

The Cottrell campaign was given the following explanation from David Malone, PAC director of Right to Life of Michigan:

“It’s Right to Life of Michigan PAC’s preference to endorse all the candidates in a race if all of the candidates are pro-life and meet our endorsement criteria.

“If one (or more) of the candidates does not meet our endorsement criteria, the local PAC subcommittee can select one pro-life candidate for endorsement in order to avoid splitting the prolife vote.”

In the Republican primary in the 57th house, Brian Good did not meet Right to Life of Michigan PAC’s endorsement criteria and the local committee recommended endorsing Bronna Kahle… The committee chose one of the two prolife candidates to endorse because there was a non-prolife candidate in the race.”

I have worked with Jim on many issues and know his character, intelligence, diligence and unwavering stand for Christian values.

Please join me in voting for Jim Cottrell on August 2.


Ronda Keck

Sand Creek


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