Kahle’s actions prove otherwise for ‘low taxes’

To The Editor,

I was approached by Bronna Kahle to be on her committee a few months ago. I met her a few times, she seemed nice, so I said, “Yes.” I went to the first meeting and was appalled. She did not run her own meeting! It was run by four people whom I have known for years as members of the Republican establishment. I immediately left her team, as I wanted no part in yet another establishment puppet.

I started to do some research on who Bronna was. As a life-long resident of Lenawee County I had never heard of her, and it did not take me long to find out the truth. Bronna has only lived here eight years. She bought into a franchise business, where the people, process, and product was already figured out for her. That business lasted only a year under her ownership, not normally a claim for a successful business owner. She was director of the Adrian Senior Center and during that time a Department of Aging millage was passed that continues to take over $1.5 million per year out of the pockets of Lenawee tax payers, She claims to be for “low taxes,” but her actions prove the opposite.

I then researched her husband’s past. Patrick Kahle was operations manager for Vreba-Hoff Dairy; a now bankrupt Midwestern mega-farm company regularly accused of employing illegal aliens. During Patrick’s tenure, Vreba-Hoff was cited numerous times for violations of State and Federal law. The State of Michigan supplied Vreba-Hoff with 104 Michigan applicant resumes. Not one of those Americans was offered employment, which is required by law under the H2-A program, and Vreba-Hoff was no longer allowed to participate in the program.

Patrick may well influence what Bronna will do for us. Patrick is currently on the Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition Sales Team. He and his clients stand to financially benefit from farm subsidies, which a State Representative would be able to vote for, a clear conflict of interest that’s illegal in Michigan.

Conveniently enough, Bronna is now backed by the Farm Bureau! Doesn’t sound like “small government” or “low taxes” to me.

While Bronna was busy having tea at the country club, Brian Good has owned a company for nearly 20 years and Jim Cottrell was a successful gemologist for five. Both started from scratch, created jobs, worked hard, and are better choices for State Representative.


Brian Crater



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