Lenawee County Ballot Review for General Election

With longer lines and waits expected at the polls for the November 6 Presidential Election, voters might want to consider allowing themselves a little extra time to vote. Another way to keep things moving is for voters to educate themselves in advance regarding their votes, including the ballot issues. Ballots listing specific candidates in each Michigan precinct may be viewed at Michigan.gov/vote, along with voter information.Tecumseh city voting sites are Precincts 1 and 3 at the Tecumseh Community Center; Precinct 2 at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts; and Precinct 4 at the Tecumseh Emergency Services Building. Poll hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.Presidential candidates listed on the ballot for a four-year term are: Republican Mitt Romney, Democrat Barack Obama, US Taxpayer (UST) Party, Virgil H. Goode, Jr., Green Party (GRN), Jill Stein, and Natural Law Party (NLP), Ross C. Anderson.Vice-Presidential candidates for a four-year term are: Republican Paul Ryan, Democrat Joe Biden, UST Party, James N. Clymer, GRN, Cheri Honkala, and NLP, Luis Rodriguez.For United States Senator, Lenawee County will choose from the following for a six-year term: Republican Pete Hoekstra; Incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow; Libertarian, Scotty Bowman; UST Richard A. Matkin, GRN Harley Mikkelson, and NLP John D. Litle.Lenawee County voters will also elect a 7th District U.S. Representative for Congress to a two-year term from the following candidates: Incumbent Republican Tim Walberg, Democrat Kurt Richard Haskell, LIB Ken Proctor, GRN Richard E. Wunsch.Incumbent Republican Nancy Jenkins and Democrat Jim Berryman are the candidates for the 57th District State Representative for a two-year term.Voters will also be electing State Board of Education representatives, University of Michigan Board of Regents representatives, Michigan State University Board of Trustees representatives, and Wayne State University Board of Governors representatives.Judicial offices on the ballot include Supreme Court Justices for eight-year terms from among the following candidates: Doug Dern, Connie Marie Kelley, Incumbent Stephen Markman, Bridget Mary McCormack, Kerry L. Morgan, Colleen O’Brien, and Bob Roddis.One Justice of the Supreme Court incumbent to fill a partial term ending January 1, 2015, will be selected from among Mindy Barry, Shelia Johnson, and Incumbent Brian Zahra. Kirsten Frank Kelly and Michael Riordan are running unopposed for 1st District Judge of the Court of Appeals. Timothy P. Pickard is on the ballot for another six-year term as Judge of the 39th Circuit Court in Lenawee County, and Gregg P. Iddings is on the ballot for another six-year term as Judge of the Probate Court.County offices, with candidates running unopposed, include: County Prosecuting Attorney, four year term, Burke Castleberry (R); County Sheriff, four-year term, Jack Welsh (R); County Clerk, four-year term, Roxann Holloway (R); County Treasurer, four-year term, Marilyn J. Woods; County Road Commissioner, six-year term, Stan Wilson (D); County Drain Commissioner, four-year term, Stephen May (R); and County Surveyor, four-year term, Kevin L. Pickford, (R).There is a race for County Register of Deeds, with both candidates from Tecumseh: Carolyn S. Bater, (R); and Sharon L. Wimple (D). A review of County Commissioner candidates incorporating the Tecumseh area includes: District 1 (Tecumseh City and Tecumseh Twp): Incumbent David M. Stimpson (R), and Gayle Keiser, (D); District 7 (Blissfield Twp., Deerfield Twp., Ogden Twp., Palmyra Twp., Ridgeway Twp., Riga Twp.): Incumbent John Tuckerman (R), Paul Wayne Benjamin, (D), and Independent Ray Soff; District 8 (Adrian Twp., Pct. 2, Raisin Twp.): Ralph Tillotson (R), unopposed; and District 9 (Adrian Twp., Pct. 1, Clinton Twp., Franklin Twp., Macon Twp.): Chris Wittenbach (R), and Todd M. Morgan (D).In the city of Tecumseh, Mayor Richard E. Johnson is running unopposed for another two-year term, while incumbent city council members Jackson L. Baker, Ronald Wimple, and Troy A. Wright are seeking another two-year term.Tecumseh Public School District candidates are: Roger Hart and Greg Johnson.Britton Deerfield School Board members will be selected from the following candidates. Non-Partisan six-year terms: Kevin S. Barrett, Sr., and Todd Ost. For Non-Partisan four-year terms, three are running for two seats: Doug Armstrong, Greg Cannon, and Shane Dusseau. For Non-Partisan two-year terms, running unopposed are: Benjamin Allshouse, Lucy A. Pirolli and Elizabeth Roe.In Clinton Township, running unopposed are: Phillip Reiser (R), Township Supervisor, four-years; Cheryl Matzinger (R), Township Clerk, four years; Joanna Thompson (R), four-years; and Basil R. Greenleaf (R), and William Zimmerman (R) for Township Trustee. Running for Clinton Township Library Board are: Kathy O. Adam, Lenore E. Binns, Rich Dewald and Matt Dorr.In Clinton Village, Village President Merlin Mowery is running unopposed, as are three Township Trustees: Carl Habrick, Joseph Orban, and Larry Sines. Smith-Kimball Board Trustee candidates are: Ann Laurine Mason, Carol Rone and Mary Jane Way.Clinton Community Schools Board member candidates are Donald R. Hinman and Bob Riddle.Franklin Township seats are uncontested with: Robert W. Platt (R) running for Township Supervisor; Sue Whitehead (R) for Township Clerk; Terri Moore (R) for Township Treasurer; Michael C. Kelley (R), and Daniel Van Valkenburg (R) for Township Trustees; and Larry K. Wibbeler (R) for Township Constable. Charter Township of Raisin candidates include: Independent J. Cavanaugh and write-in candidate Democrat James H. Palmer vying for Township Supervisor; Township Clerk Betty Holdridge (D) running unopposed; a race for Township Treasurer between Republican Kami Johnson, and Democrat DeLight G. Sieler; and a race between the following six candidates for four Trustee seats: Debra L. Brousseau (R), Larry L. Crittenden (R), Tom Hawkins (R), Dale F. Mitchell (R), James H. Palmer (D), and Thomas E. VanSickle, Independent.Ridgeway Township will vote on Proposition 1 for renewal of a millage for road and bridge maintenance, repair and construction for a renewal of .4885 mill and an increase of .0115 mill; Proposition 2, a renewal of a millage for fire department maintenance and improvements for a renewal of .4885 mill and an increase of .0115 mill.Ridgeway Township offices are unopposed and include: Robert L. Downing (R), Township Supervisor; Peggy L. Taylor-Albaugh (R), Township Clerk; Deborah A. Marks (R), Township Treasurer; and Republicans Marc H. Brown and Daniel J. Prielipp on the ballot for Trustee. Village of Britton offices (Ridgeway Twp., Precinct 1) include: Jack Chenault, Village President along with write-in candidate Richard Frazier; Elizabeth Osterhout, Village Treasurer; and Trustee candidates Nina Bower, Donna Cline, and Meri L. Schoof.Tecumseh Township candidates running unopposed include: Roy Schlegel (R), Township Supervisor; Curtis L. Brown (R), Township Clerk; Rick L. Bunch (R), Township Treasurer; and Trustees Michael Feight (R), and Patricia L. Lamb (R). Voters will also cast ballots for or against six state ballot proposals, which appeared in the October 15 edition of the Tecumseh Herald.

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