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To the Editor,I never write letters to the paper, didn’t think it ever did any good! But as a T.H.S. grad and a life long Tecumseh resident I think I need to say this about the 5th grade football program as I see it. I wasn’t pleased with what I saw at the game last Saturday the 15th of Sept. The game is an hour long, four quarters. I watched the entire game and there were at least six to eight young men who didn’t play over three snaps in the game. If anyone is wondering how come there are big kids roaming the halls of the high school not playing football I suggest that if you don’t at least play them a minimum of a quarter you will lose these kids and from what I have observed of our football program the last few years, we can ill afford to alienate any of them. Yea, I know that we are undefeated so far this year, but I hope you get my point.I coached little folks sports when my kids were that age and I tried really hard to get them all a fair amount of playing time. I didn’t have to figure in the cost of playing, which I understand is $110.00 now! I can understand where parents get upset about Billy or Bobby not getting to play. This is not high school where the games count!Before you roast me for being too liberal and not caring about winning or losing, let me tell you coaches one thing. I know the kids want to win and that’s good, nobody wanted to win at anything more than I! Let me say this, the stars of the 5th grade football team may not even be playing by high school. They may go to other sports or decide they no longer want to play. I hope if you coaches are thinking of college scholarships for some of the kids you are featuring good luck. Every single one of them have a better chance of getting academic help than athletic help.Don’t lose sight of what you are there for and that is to give all your players the instructions and the hunger to play at the higher levels. I am afraid that if you continue to play your players the way you are now, you will lose some of them for good,I don’t really know who runs the program, but hopefully if this letter is printed and you take the time to read and understand what I am trying to say they will change the way they are coaching a little. I know the time commitment the coaches make and good for them, more parents should get involved. Take note varsity coach and get more involved and in the long run it will help the high school program more then you will know. Gary Fairbanks T.H.S alumniTecumseh

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