Liberals have lost sense of humor, oblivious to poverty and unemployed

To the Editor,A few years ago I thought Obamaheads were on Kool-aid or at worst some bad Fizzies. As time has progressed I have witnessed lies, corruption, failed union bailouts, coverups, blown tax dollars, shredding of our constitution, lies about the middle east and in general a thug style operation of our federal government. The only person I can see who is envious of Obama’s behavior would be Kwame Kilpatrick! I have noticed a distinct transformation of nearly all liberals in the last few months. They have lost any sense of humor they had and are totally oblivious to any of the facts. Forty-six million in poverty, 23 million out of work, 16 trillion in debt, household income down about 5k, gas prices doubled. And what are people like Pat Zuidema and Karen Barbee’s response? The same old mantra! Its Bush’s fault or Romney will make it worse. Lets blame Abe Lincoln or FDR. Lets live in the dark and cold. Get real!Where is Obama while this place is falling apart? Vegas, with the two fat guys on The View (Joy Behar, Whoppi Goldberg) at a millionaire party with that homely girl from Sex in the City or hanging with his rich rap peeps!I am a former vet, UAW member, teamster, federal employee who has now reached retirement age (good luck with that!) I have viewed a lot of bad things over the years but nothing as bad as the hateful liberal agenda of late. Are these people constipated?Do they need an adjustment in medication like Joe Biden? Are they lonely? Lighten up life is far too short. Laugh a little.I don’t get upset with Obama’s lies anymore. I wasn’t irritated when I watched him throw a baseball like a girl. No offense to Clinton’s softball team! And as a true sign my new attitude I will be more than happy to take any liberal to the polls on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at my expense. I ask that you vote only once since I know many of you have a problem with that!Rainey BassemierTecumseh

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