Lynn Cook took active role in shaping Tecumseh

To the Editor,Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012 was a melancholy day and one that I will remember always. That day many, many friends and family said goodbye to Lynn Cook.Please let me share just one of many reasons that to me she will forever be the flag waver for “our town,” Tecumseh, and a “friend” to everyone she met.From a book written by Clara Waldron, “One Hundred Years A Country Town…”It seems back in 1824 when land was being purchased to build a village, the corner of Chicago Blvd. and Maumee was thought to be the center of town and possibly the county seat for Lenawee County. The intersection had a courthouse, a burying ground, Military Square, a school, and the Public Pleasure Promenade (a park).When the center of Lenawee County was moved to Adrian, the old court house was abandoned, even the school, and the land was sold to the highest bidder. The money was used to “beautify the grounds” and build a pleasure park forever.A man by the name of Peter R. Adams became the “owner” of the South West corner of the intersection. It was a pleasure park for almost a century, but not forever. Progress — and the United States Post Office intervened. For many years prior to that, the park was used for family picnics and a playground for children with slides, swings, etc.This is where Lynn came into the picture. In the mid 1950s, she and her husband, Dr. Carlton Cook came to town and Lynn took an active role in shaping our town into what it is today. She started the historical society so that our history could live on and never be forgotten.About the same time the Little Garden Club was being formed with help of the Tecumseh Garden Club. The group was made up of about 20 (young) mothers who liked to garden and maybe get “away” once a month for a social meeting discussing gardening, maybe sharing ideas on raising a family, and taking part in living in our community.I remember Lynn saying something like: “We can’t just let Adams Park be forgotten forever,” so she contacted a landscape architect from Ann Arbor, had him come here to Tecumseh and he and Lynn laid out the present plans for Adams Park, with a fountain and all.Picture this, in the 1960s, 20 young mothers from the Little Garden Club are going to raise $20,000? Impossible! Impossible!! But guess what? Tecumseh has Adams Park, and people love it.We love you Lynn, and you will be in our hearts and minds forever.One last story: Last summer I mentioned to a stranger from out of town that I lived in Tecumseh. “Oh,” they said, “That’s the town that has a park on the main street and they have “Thursday’s in the Park” all summer with live local music. We love going there.”We love you Lynn. Gone but never gotten.Sue Gross Tecumseh

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