MHSAA congratulates Clinton for no reports of concern filed

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) sent a letter to Clinton High School Athletic Director Casey Randolph dated June 24 congratulating the Redskins for “A job well done!”The letter noted that Clinton received no negative officials’ reports of concern, ejection or sportsmanship during the 2013-2014 school year.“It is a credit to your student-athletes, coaches, administration, staff and community for demonstrating such positive sportsmanship throughout the entire school year,” said MHSAA Executive Director John E. Roberts in the letter to Clinton Schools.Tecumseh and Britton Deerfield High Schools each received one report of concern, according to Roberts.“One is still a pretty good number,” Roberts said of the reports. “But zero is great.”There were a total of 186 schools that received one report of concern and 102 schools that received two reports. Sixty schools received three reports of concern while 60 received four.Thirty-four schools had five reports of concern while 13 had six. Seven schools had seven reports of concern while five schools had eight. Three schools received nine reports of concern last school year.Boys varsity soccer received the highest number of reports of concern with 281 noted throughout the state. There were 231 varsity soccer player ejections last year. Varsity boys soccer also had the highest number of coaches ejected with 25 noted.Varsity football followed with 144 reports of concern and had 125 player ejections. There were five coach ejections.There were 124 reports of concern in varsity boys ice hockey and 113 player ejections. Seven varsity coaches were ejected from a game.Varsity boys baseball had 79 letters of concern and 39 player ejections. Twenty-four varsity baseball coaches were ejected.Varsity boys basketball programs had 65 reports of concern and 29 player ejections. Coaches were ejected 17 times.In varsity wrestling there were 52 reports of concern filed with 37 player ejections and eight coach ejections.There were 25 reports of concern issued in varsity boys lacrosse with 20 player ejections and three coach ejections.For the girls, varsity soccer had the most reports of concern with 77. There were 52 player ejections and six coach ejections.Varsity girls basketball had 27 reports of concern with only four player ejections and 12 coach ejections.Seventeen reports of concern were listed for varsity volleyball with four player ejections. There were six coach ejections at the varsity level.Varsity softball had 15 reports of concern with two player ejections and 10 coach ejections.Six reports of concern were filed in varsity girls lacrosse. There were two player ejections and three coach ejections.Varsity competitive cheer had three reports of concern with no player or coach ejections.Swimming and diving had just one report of concern with only one player ejection and no coach ejections.

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