Michigan State government is ‘biggest bully of them all,’ reader says

To the Editor,I’ve had a few experiences with bullies over the years and in my opinion you should always fight back in any way you can.My most recent experience with a bully happened this past year when The Michigan Treasury Department refused to pay me money that they owe me from when I filed my 2012 State Income Taxes.The 2012 Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim I filled out clearly states that they owe me a refund of $528, but they absolutely refuse to pay me my money. To put it plain and simple, the Michigan State Government stole my money. So, like I said before, “Always fight back.” And this is my way of fighting back. I am going to tell anyone and everyone who will listen to me about the injustice I have suffered because of this government bullying.The irony of this situation is this. The government has recently started an anti-bullying campaign targeting mostly students, but the biggest bully of them all is in my case The Michigan State Government.This is how I choose to fight back - with words. When the government refuses to use logic and common sense, it endangers every single citizen in the USA. Shame on you Michigan State Government — you failed us again.James WestAdrian

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