Neutered cats are healthier, calmer, make better pets

To the Editor,I am writing in regards to the feral cat problem a problem brought on by ourselves. I am sorry to see the animals have to suffer because of us. Cats don’t have to be a year old to have kittens, can have up to three litters a year and up to six kittens a litter. A few years ago we had a bunch of kittens outside and my daughter and I got all the kittens, with the help of an organization live trapped several of the adults and since then we have had and have regularly one of the actual cats that was live trapped and one other one. He has food and shelter and is just living out his days. We have several indoor cats all of whom have been spayed or neutered. We had a couple of kittens out here this fall again. I got them and they are in a shelter. We have shelters too full to take the ones they need to because we have too many that need shelters.Any solution has to include a heavy dose of spaying and neutering and a constant vigil because as soon as you have kittens you have a potential for other kittens to follow. Lastly pet owners need to be responsible. Our cats do not go outside for their own protection but if you know for any reason your cat is going to be exposed to other cats get them fixed. I love the policy of the Lenawee Humane Society. No cat or kitten leaves the shelter without being fixed. They are healthier, calmer and make better pets. Cats are nocturnal nomads but we have some very intelligent cats but they do not open the door by themselves. They do sleep at night also. It’s our fault and we have to find a humane way to deal with the problem but it has to include a vigilant spay and neutering and responsible people.We have several that literally would be dead. One had been neutered and declawed and was literally starving with an abdominal wound that took 20-plus stitches. One mama was literally starving herself to feed her kittens. One had a mom who got hit by a car and the stories go on.Linda CurtissTecumseh

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