Not happy with unexplained cuts in middle school football

To the Editor,I am a parent of two eighth grade students who play football. I would like to voice my displeasure and frustration with regards to the changes made and the manner in which they have been handled. We were told at the parent meeting there would possibly be only one eighth grade team due to a decrease in kids signed up to play. This is clearly not the case. There are nearly fifty eighth grade football players. I feel we were misinformed and mislead. We deserve an explanation. Clearly each player will get less than half the usual playing time. If this decision is due to finances, parents have a right to know. We still pay $110 per child whether we have one team or two per grade level. We still have fundraisers. Where is this money going? I personally volunteer for the Indian Fan Club. Many parents do our part to get our children to practice, pick them up, drive to away games, take off work early to make it there on time. Now, suddenly with no logical explanation this has all changed. Our schedule was handed out late last week with all different days and times. Again some parents, myself included, are trying to do our part and wanting to see our children play and have arranged our schedules for Tuesdays at six. This has been this way for years. Now it is all different with little warning. I would like to know how the high school coaches feel about the middle school children getting very little playing time and experience to prepare them for high school football. How many of these kids are going to want to play high school football when they sit on the bench most of their 7th and 8th grade games because there are too many players for one team?Furthermore, the announcement made at the middle school before the first high school home game that kids were not going to be allowed to be walking around and playing in the grass but expected to sit in their seats greatly discouraged many kids from coming to the game. It's a shame to discourage kids from getting excited about football games and hanging out with their friends in a safe environment. I was disappointed to hear that many kids did not attend the game because of this. Looking around at the game there were a lot less kids than usual. We should be encouraging school spirit and attendance at school functions and supporting involvement in sports not discouraging it. Terri CiscoTecumseh

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