Obama cares, upcoming election about ‘soul, values and honesty’

To the Editor,Character counts. This election is a choice between the soul, values and honesty of the person we want in the White House.Mr. Romney was born into a culture of entitlement. He grew into a Prep School bully who harassed the classmates he considered different and weaker than he. He also thought it funny to direct a blind teacher into a closed door. While at Harvard, he actively picketed for the Vietnam War that sent thousands of his peers into war and to their deaths. He, however, spent the war years in France with four deferments gained with the influence of his father.Mr. Romney’s adult life was spent in the pursuit of great wealth using whatever ruthless tactics needed to accomplish his goal. High-priced attorneys and accountants used every trick in the book and off shore dodges to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. He is a true salesman in the Bain mode, who panders to his audience, using whatever it takes to “close the deal” as he did when he shook the Etch a Sketch during the third debate and reversed everything he has said for the last year.Because he has no core beliefs it is easy for his advisers, all former Bush advisers, and his wealthy supporters to lead him back to the policies that created this mess with tax cuts for the wealthy and war hawks who will push us into conflicts in the Middle East and a trade war with China. As Governor he forgot all his campaign promises and created more than 500 new “fees” and taxes and reduced the taxes of the wealthy. He is the man who said 47 percent of the population isn’t his concern. He can’t be trusted. There is no way to know which Romney would walk into the White House.President Obama grew up in a middle class home raised by a single mother and his hardworking grandparents. With scholarships and student loans he achieved a great education and was honored as the first black man named President of the Harvard Law Review. Turning down extremely lucrative financial offers he elected to take on the causes of the underprivileged and black communities of Chicago. He put together successful programs to educate and create greater opportunities for the less fortunate.He is a man who has proven that he really cares for 100 percent of this country. He has worked for and pushed efforts to improve the lives of the middle class, including support for students, women’s causes, public education and seniors. He served the auto industry and stood up to China. He has shown the world his resolve and strength and earned international respect. He and Michele have worked tirelessly for the health and well-being of our Veterans. He also believes that health care for everyone is a God-given right, not a privilege of the wealthy. He is a man that I know will fight for me and my future.We have to fight for him a man with a character worthy of the White House.Pat ZuidemaAdrian

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