Obama victorious in presidential bid

The city of Tecumseh had a more than 58 percent voter turn out in the Nov. 6 presidential election on Tuesday, with county turnout at more than 61 percent. The presidential race was close with the Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan ticket actually winning Lenawee County with 49.75 percent of the vote and Barack Obama/Joe Biden ticket receiving 48.47 percent. Obama won the election nationally with 303 electoral votes.“I thought things went really well,” said Tecumseh City Clerk, Mary Feight, of Tuesday’s turnout and election process at the polls. “We were busy during the morning, at lunchtime and end of the day, but pretty steady the rest of the time. But we expect that for a presidential election.”The position of Mayor and Tecumseh City Council seats were uncontested, but Jackson L. Baker received the most votes for council with 2,508 votes, winning him the post of mayor pro tem this year. Ronald Wimple received 2,312 votes and Troy A. Wright, 2,232 votes. Mayor Richard Johnson received 2,831 votes. There will be some changes coming for Raisin Township, however, with a new Township Supervisor, Treasurer, and Trustee. Voters cast 1,241 votes for Carl Wagner, who passed away in October, and 1,081 for newcomer, Jay Cavanaugh. There were only 400 write-in votes, not enough to put appointed Township Supervisor Jim Palmer into the position permanently through his write-in campaign. Lenawee County Clerk Roxann Holloway said Wednesday morning that the voting certification process had just begun, but by election law, votes for a deceased person do not count. “The board canvassers will meet today to certify for this election, and if nothing changes, which I don’t expect it will, Jay Cavanaugh will be declared the winner in Raisin Township,” Holloway said.Republican Kami Johnson, currently serving as Deputy Clerk, unseated long-time Treasurer, Democrat DeLight G. Sieler, with 1,726 votes vs. 1,548. There will also be a change at the meeting table for Raisin Township Trustees, with Pastor Tom Hawkins, a Republican, being voted in with 1,695 votes, along with incumbents Larry Crittenden (R), 1,825 votes; Debra Brousseau (R), 1,783 votes; and Dale F. Mitchell (R), 1,597. Democrat Jim Palmer was just 47 votes shy of retaining his seat on the board. Incumbent Township Clerk Betty Holdridge also retained her seat.The following results are for other offices affecting Tecumseh and the surrounding area:Debbie Stabenow (D) retained her seat as U.S. Senator; Tim Walberg (R) retained his seat as U.S. Representative to Congress; and Nancy Jenkins (R) beat Jim Berryman (D) for State Representative in the 57th district. Several county positions went uncontested, however Carolyn S. Bater (R) beat out Sharon L. Wimple (D) as Register of Deeds. In the county commissioner races affecting this area, David M. Stimpson (R) will retain his post after a close race with Gayle Keiser in District 1; John Tuckerman (R) retains his seat in District 7; Chris Wittenbach (R) won the District 9 race; and Ralph Tillotson ran unopposed in District 8.In Clinton Township, Phillip Reiser (R) is Supervisor; Cheryl Matzinger (R) Township Clerk; Joanna Thompson (R) Treasurer, and Trustees are Basil R. Greenleaf and William Zimmerman, both Republicans. Kathy O. Adam, Lenore E. Binns, Rich Dewald and Matt Dorr will serve on the Clinton Township Library Board. Franklin Township seats were uncontested and consist of: Robert W. Platt (R) as Supervisor; Sue Whitehead (R) as Clerk; Terri Moore (R) as Treasurer; Michael C. Kelley and Daniel Van Valkenburg, both Republicans, as Trustees; and Larry K. Wibbeler as Constable.Tecumseh Township posts also went uncontested with the following retaining seats: Roy Schlegel (R) Supervisor; Curtis L. Brown (R) Clerk; Rick L. Bunch (R) as Treasurer; and Trustees Michael Feight and Patricia L. Lamb, Republicans. Village of Britton races were also uncontested with: Jack Chenault as President; Elizabeth Osterhout as Treasurer; and Nina Bower, Donna Cline and Meri L. Schoof as Trustees.In the Village of Clinton, Merlin Mowery remains as President, with Carl Habrick, Joseph Orban and Larry Sines as Trustees, and Smith-Kimball Board Trustees being Ann Laurine Mason, Carol Rone, and Mary Jane Way.

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