Obamacare is ‘step toward a better future for all Americans’

To the Editor,The Republican members of the House of Representatives have tried over forty times to kill the Affordable Care Act. Now they have resorted to shutting down our government in another attempt to end Obamacare. This plan to help the 40 million Americans without health insurance was originally proposed by the Heritage Foundation, an organization funded by wealthy Republicans. It was first put into effect in Massachusetts by Republicans led by Mitt Romney. The Republicans including our Congressman, Tim Walberg, need to be reminded it was originally their plan.Not only have the Republicans shut down many needed services provided by our government, but they are using scare tactics such as claims that Obamacare will raise our insurance premiums and cost jobs in this final, last ditch, desperate measure to deprive Americans with pre-existing medical conditions and poor working citizens from obtaining health insurance. In a letter received today from my insurer, it said “The 2014 premium is going down because we are able to take advantage of some cost savings from Obamacare.” The Congressional Budget Office has stated that the Affordable Care Act will reduce medical costs significantly saving all of us money.In Massachusetts today only 4.5 percent of the citizens are without health insurance, while in Michigan over 15 percent of our people are uninsured. Nationwide, over 25,000 unnecessary deaths each year have resulted from lack of insurance for Americans. The United States, up to now, has been the only industrialized country without health insurance for all its people. It’s time to stop treating our fellow citizens so badly. Obamacare is a good start toward ending this injustice and a step toward a better future for all Americans. John McConnellTecumseh

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