Ordinance to restrict hours for fireworks

Tecumseh City Council approved the second reading, and adoption, of Ordinance No. 1-14, amending Chapter 50 Sec. 50-321 (B) that prohibits the usage of fireworks between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. on the day before, of and after a national holiday.Councilmen Troy Wright was absent from the Monday, July 21, meeting.“It gives the police department a little bit more enforcement action to restrict when fireworks can be used,” said Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch. The ordinance was first read at the Monday, July 7 city council meeting. The Michigan Fireworks Safety Act restricts what the city can do to prohibit shooting fireworks.The city can’t make it earlier, said Welch.“We have been contacted by people who think it’s ridiculous that the fireworks go on until one o’clock. The areas that they are lighting off fireworks be it out by assisted living centers, it just gets a little carried away I think,” said Mayor Richard Johnson.“Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to control that,” responded Welch. “There isn’t much we can do directly,” said Johnson. “I think indirectly behind the scenes, we can contact the powers to be and let them know that while they think it may be fine and dandy, it’s a little out of hand.”A fine of up to $500 per violation could be imposed on those who violate the ordinance. The council also approved a contract amendment with Social and Materials Engineers (SME), who are managing activities at the future site of Salsaria’s in Tecumseh, to oversee activities for the city’s Clean Michigan Initiative grant on behalf of the city in the amount of $390,000.This new amendment is in response to the addition of the adjacent parcel to the property currently being renovated for the restaurant. Previously, the grant was for $240,000.“The money that this business owner is going to receive isn’t a windfall,” Welch said. The grant goes to cleaning up the site, which is considered a Brownfield site. “No city monies are coming out of this,” said Economic Development Director Paula Holtz.The city council accepted a bid from Avery Oil and Propane, Inc. of Tecumseh for regular unleaded gasoline at the pump in the amount of $.11 per gallon over the OPIS (Oil Price Index Survey) and bulk delivered regular unleaded gasoline in the amount of $.18 per gallon over OPIS for city vehicles and equipment fleet. A bid was accepted from the same company for diesel at $.15 per gallon over OPIS at the pump, and $.21 per gallon over OPIS for bulk delivered diesel and bulk delivered kerosene. Welch informed the council that there is a lot on the agenda for the Wednesday Aug. 6 public hearing on the SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA).The council will not only have to pass the resolution approving the SmartZone LDFA, but also appoint its board members. “What we’re running up against is the deadline to get this to the city of Ann Arbor because they have to accept us as their satellite SmartZone,” said Welch. The SmartZone LDFA board the council appoints will have to meet and come up with a plan before the SmartZone can be approved by Ann Arbor. “Again, we’re still in competition with other communities that might be doing this at the same time,” Welch added. “We think we’re further ahead than everybody else, but we also don’t want to get to the end and find we’re last in the race.”In other business, council:• Approved the new lease agreement amendments for J. Trees Cellars and Tecumseh Paddling Company that were approved at the Monday, July 7 city council meeting. In approving the new lease agreements, the city also approved the 2015 lease agreement with Tecumseh Paddling Company. • Approved a request from the Tecumseh Police Labor Council to try a six-month trial of 12-hour shifts. The trial period will begin on or about Oct. 22.• Accepted a sidewalk replacement bid from Michael Andrews Concrete, LLC. for $200 per slab. • Adopted the resolution to recommend the Tecumseh Brewing Company’s application for a New Micro Brewer License for approval by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

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