Outdoor drama tells story of Tecumseh on 200th year of his death

To the Editor,Today’s Columbus Dispatch included (an advertisement) for the new season of Tecumseh! Over the years we have brought similar ads or information about this amazing spectacle to your office and/or the Chamber of Commerce.We have several times (at least 10) viewed the pageant with guests from Tecumseh, Mich., or have groups in tow. It is truly amazing. We have been surprised and pleased to witness the War of 1812 included in the Memorial Day Parade in our hometown but did not hear any connection to Chief Tecumseh on that holiday.At the Battle of the Thames, near Chatham, Ontario, Tecumseh was killed on Oct. 5, 1813. There is a nice monument marking the spot there. I was pleased to see that being commemorated in Chillicothe this year.Is anything happening to mark his life and great significance in Tecumseh, Mich., this year? A pilgrimage to his burial vicinity, organizing group trips to Chillicothe? Reviews of biographies about him? A powwow? Yes, it is late but modern communication makes speedy communication possible (maybe not as spectacular as a Panther in the Sky!)Winona (Mrs. John) HamiltonWorthington, Ohio

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