Owner of Eden Foods ‘imposing personal choices on others’

To the Editor,In response to Mr. Potters’ recent lawsuit limiting the healthcare choices of his employees, I would like to state: I had been a long time buyer and proponent of Eden Foods. I will certainly stop on both counts if Mr. Potter persists. While Mr. Potter can make these personal choices about healthcare for himself, it is arrogant, and paternalistic to impose those on his employees. Shame on him. This is no impingement of his morals or values, by imposing his personal choices on others he is proving to be a reprehensible person. What if an employer doesn’t believe in Psychiatry, or medicine, or doesn’t want to cover prenatal or birth, health care for children of single women because they’re living in sin/have sinned, or any healthcare costs of meat eaters, or any other unending list of situations? People have basic human rights and dignity, and should not be forced to live their personal lives according to the whims of the company owner. It’s the height or arrogance for an employer to impose their personal morality on their employees. We should be better than that. There is a role for government and the law. I will stop buying Eden products, and urge my friends and family to do likewise. Healthcare choices should be made between a doctor and his patient. Do we really want our bosses making decisions on treatment, procedures, and medications? An employer can’t simply do anything and everything he wants to with his employees, especially in personal matters. I will contact stores carrying Eden products and urge them to stop because of the regressive policies of the business owner.Ron CorbyAdrian

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