Parent of THS wrestler disputes number of players infected

To the Editor,I am a parent to one of the wrestlers affected by a skin disease last season. I find it very irresponsible that you would print such an unfactual article. The person who gave you the non-factual article is nothing more than a disappointed father. His son couldn't make the line up after transferring here and he can't come to terms with it. There were five kids affected by skin disease for the season (not half the team or 22 kids). There were two cases of herpes. The skin disease came after wrestling a tournament at Gibralter. As I stated earlier, my son also contracted a skin disease after the tournament. I felt that the coaching staff did a great job of containing this unfortunate incident. Also left out of the article is the fact that the disgruntled athletic director invoked mandatory practice over Christmas break when the hot water is turned off at the schools. This does not allow for proper cleaning of the mats or proper hygiene of the athletes after practice.Rick AzeltonRaisin Township

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