Project to 'shore up' Globe Mill Pond's south edge to halt erosion

Globe Mill Pond may soon be getting some shoreline repairs to address the erosion problem on its south side, parallel to the Tecumseh Community Center’s parking lot.“It’s always been eroding, but it’s getting too close to the parking lot now,” said Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch. “The state has a new “Minor Projects” category for projects of this nature, and Shelley Lim is working to obtain a permit from the state for that work.”Lim, Director of Cultural and Leisure Services for the city, has been investigating what needs to be done and is currently filling out forms for the state permit. “We meet the state specifications for this project, and I believe what we’d like to do to restore the shoreline is put down natural stone to reinforce it and add some backfill dirt to fill in,” Lim said. She worked with Department of Public Works (DPW) Superintendent Tim Bock, and they determined that approximately 350 feet of shoreline is in need of shoring up.“This is a very eco-friendly way to approach erosion,” Lim said. “The state would prefer that we not use large sea walls, which look pretty, but I’ve learned that they prevent the natural flora and fauna from accessing the shoreline. It was interesting for me to discover that turtles, for example, can’t come up on shore when there are sea walls.”At this point in time, Lim is unsure as to whether the work could be done by city DPW crews or not, as the scope of the project is still being worked out.“We need to get price quotes for the natural stone first,” she said, “but I don’t think this will be a very pricey project for 350 feet of shoreline.” Funds for the project would come from budgeted monies in the Parks and Recreation Department budget. Lim is not sure how long it will take to receive approval for the Minor Projects permit, but doesn’t believe it will be very long with the expedited process the state has encouraged so communities can take care of such projects.“I think this would be a great project to do in the fall,” she said. “This should halt future erosion, which is a good thing, and keep the critters in the pond happy as well.”

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