Questions regarding the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare)

To the Editor,I'd like to ask some thought provoking questions regarding the Affordable Health Care (aka ObamaCare).1) Why are some Americans losing the insurance and doctors they were promised they could keep under the ACA?2) Why are there many reports of premiums under the ACA being unaffordable coupled with high deductibles?3) Why are some companies laying off or cutting hours due to the ACA?4) Why is Congress being granted a 75 percent taxpayer subsidy under the ACA when they have a 6-digit income ($174,000 and up)?5) Why is the IRS exempt from the ACA?6) Why has the government granted waivers/exemptions under the ACA for a long list of businesses?7) Why does the ACA marketplace raise data security concerns?8) Why won't Senator Reid and President Obama at least delay the ACA until 2015 like they did with big business employers?J. SandeManitou Beach

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