Rationalization for opposing presidential candidate questioned

To the Editor,In response to the letter written by Wanda Fish, I am puzzled by her rationalization of why Gov. Romney is not a good choice compared to the sitting President. Everything she pointed out for Romney shows her lack of knowledge about Pres. Obama. Fact: Gov. Romney came into the Governorship facing a Democratic Congress. That alone is a challenge to a new Republican Governor. She writes that Massachusetts newspapers reported a “frosty” or “hostile” relationship. How would one describe Obama’s relationship with the Republican House today? Fact: Pres. Obama did not include the Republicans in the congressional budget planning, still no budget presented. The House has presented about 20 job bills to the Democratic Senate and they are still “on hold.” Fact: Obama appointed Treasurer Geitner who owed several year’s back taxes. Fact: Obama promised to give Brazil $50 billion dollars to support their oil drilling programs while denying the US to drill for oil as well as denying the Keystone pipeline which would have put thousands of people to work and bring in over a billion dollars in Fed., State and local revenue. The comments about Gov. Romney’s statements regarding the female gender do not deserve comment. Fact: Obama cancelled National Day of Prayer; Gov. Romney has not challenged the churches in their faith as has Pres. Obama; Gov. Romney is known as a faithful Mormon; we have no idea what Obama’s faith is as he has claimed at least three different faiths. His education records are sealed, yet there is record that he was sent to college on a “foreign student scholarship” — so much secrecy about his background and taxpayers are paying the tab for his army of lawyers to protect his records. We still do not know who Pres. Obama really is. Fact: he was raised under Muslim, Marxist and Communist ideaology and followed this ideaology in his adult years well into his time of campaigning for the presidency. He has insulted our allied leaders with lack of protocol, he has congratulated socialistic leaders on winnings, he has turned his back on our military men and women by lack of support. His promise of wanting to fundamentally “change” America is coming to fruition and we are becoming a Socialistic country instead of the land of the free and home of the brave. He has abused the Constitution and ignored the use of Congress to satisfy his own desires. He took taxpayer money to fund the largest voter fraud in American history — ACORN — as Executive Director. There is not enough room to describe how he has divided and dishonored our country, our flag, our Constitu-tion and endangered the security of this beloved America. He has embarrassed the highest office in this country. I’m voting for an American and a patriot — Mitt Romney.Kay Edmonds, Precinct Delegate for Village of Clinton

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