Reader responds to letter regarding ‘gay agenda’

To the Editor,I wish to respond to the editorial by Ms. Keck which appeared in the Sept. 10 Tecumseh Herald regarding the “gay agenda.”Given the content of her editorial, I suspect that Ms. Keck thinks of herself as a “Christian.” I place quotes around this word as I believe the wording contained within her editorial shows her to be an intolerant Christian. To whit: “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a memorable event.” Yes, it probably was a memorable day to those of you “Christians" that are of a narrow mind and cannot accept anyone who thinks of being “Christian" in a manner that is different from how you do.As many “Christians” before her and many who will come after her, Ms. Keck views homosexuality as a “choice.” Anyone who knows a gay individual will know that being gay is not a choice any more than being straight is a choice that a heterosexual individual makes. Beyond this, why would anyone “choose” a lifestyle that brings about intolerance such as that demonstrated by Ms. Keck in her editorial? She then goes on to quote many verses from the Old Testament to support her narrow-minded and intolerant viewpoint. As is usually the case, she focuses on specific verses from the Old Testament, which are frequently quoted outside of the context of the whole chapter they are taken from (read Leviticus in its entirety and you will see that there were a lot of other things beside homosexuality that the ancient tribes believed would bring down God's wrath on them). I find it extremely interesting that these same Christian individuals never quote the words of Jesus from the New Testament when demonstrating their disdain for people that are different from them and their narrow views such as: “Love one another as I have loved you” said by Jesus at his Last Supper as well as the words of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as ye would have done unto you.” If one really reads the New Testament, who did Jesus spend his life with? The lepers, the prostitutes, the destitute, and so forth. Those that were in need of his love and kindness. I do not see this type of acceptance from a lot of individuals who will call themselves “Christians.” Thankfully, there are many Christians who are able to approach those of us who are gay with the love that Jesus asks us to demonstrate throughout the New Testament.With regard to gay marriage, the vast majority of gay individuals desire the same legal benefits that marriage brings to a straight couple. Beyond this, some gay individuals may desire a religious component to their union. Many straight people have no idea that: 1) gay individuals can and do commit to each other for life; and 2) have to go through enormous and time-consuming legal consultations to ensure that the surviving partner has access to the estate that both have built up for a lifetime. These are issues that a straight couple doesn’t even have to consider. There are numerous other legal and financial benefits that are denied to same-sex couples. Many Christians will forget that, before they can have a religious ceremony, they must apply for a marriage license through their local county clerk which occurs outside the boundaries of organized religion. Thus, no marriage license = no religious wedding. Beyond this, a straight couple has no obligation to solemnize their marriage through a religious ceremony. Thus, marriage is a legal contract between two individuals. That there is a Federal law in this country that provides the legal rights of marriage to one group but denies them to another is appalling. Further, that the so-called majority of people can pass laws in varying states that deny rights to a minority is equally appalling.I would close this response with a quote from Cory Booker, the liberal mayor of Newark, New Jersey. Yes, I said liberal which a lot of conservatives can and probably will pounce on. However, his words resound with the behavior that Jesus asks us to demonstrate to one another and which I believe a Christian should demonstrate: “Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me in how much you love all his children.”Marc HaxerTecumseh

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