Renewal millage will benefit physical, mental health of community

To the Editor,

How many readers remember taking swimming lessons or spending an afternoon at the old outside Joyce Andrews Pool? I was lucky enough to learn to swim there and I remember my mom sitting in the bleachers, watching through the fence, as I struggled to reach that rim of the pool that seemed so far away. I learned so much more than just how to swim. I learned confidence in myself, the strength of my muscles, to trust the instructors, that hard work would pay off with success, that family is there to support you, and that friendship lasts. And I had fun!

The Tecumseh Community Pool now fulfills those duties for so many. It is the wellness center for all ages and by wellness center, I don’t just mean physical health. It keeps our minds clear as we focus on water activities; it keeps us in touch with others as we attend classes; it encourages sportsmanship as we swim as a team (even in individual events); it builds camaraderie as we rely on each other for help; and it builds character as we realize we can be a mentor to another with less experience. Family is still central as we are each other’s family. 

I ask you to vote yes on the proposal to renew the millage for public recreation. It is not an increase, but a renewal that will help to insure we can continue to contribute to the physical and mental health of our community. And have fun!

Vickie Felton



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