Republicans have spent four years attempting to sabotage the economy

In response to Mark Madison's letter dated 10/29:The suggestion that somehow Dems need to stop “blaming” Bush for leaving the country in a shambles is childish. If we can’t look at the past and logically assess what policies resulted in a poor economy, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. As for the argument that we should encourage the President to be a little more like Ronald Reagan, I’d suggest that we not. Here’s why. It’s very easy to create job growth if you’re willing to triple the national debt and raise the debt ceiling 17 times. Reagan was not the small government man so many suggest; whereas, Obama — according to The Wall Street Journal, among others — has decreased the rate of governmental spending and would likely do more to address national debt if he had the cooperation of Republicans. And NO Ronald Reagan didn’t have to deal with unprecedented filibustering of job creating legislation. Perhaps if Republicans supported President Obama’s Jobs Bill instead of playing games with the economy things would go Reagan-era smoothly. Oh, and how about interest rates? Reagan had the good luck to come into an office when interest rates could be lowered to boost the economy. That’s not really an option when the interest rates are already so low. And let’s consider that we are living in 2012 not the 1980s… I could go on. The reality is Republicans in Congress have spent four years doing everything they can to sabotage the recovery effort at the expense of the country they profess to love. No, I don’t think anyone is making excuses for anything. As I emphasized in my original letter to the editor, even with complete refusal on the part of Republicans to collaborate, President Obama has made steady progress.Karin BarbeeTecumseh

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