Resident makes request for second bathroom at Zorn Park

To the Editor,Dear Mr.’s Johnson and Welch,I have written to you Mr. Johnson before, but not Mr. Welch, so in order to make things easier for me, I am writing to you both. Okay?I read in the Herald that you were considering a trail for bikes. Fine, if you first put a bathroom at Cal Zorn Park, where it belongs. It is so hard for me — a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother — to sit in my house and see other parents trying to get their little one to the bathroom at this park. Have either of you, or any of the other people on city council, even been to this park? Tried to walk with a small child or tried to push a stroller that far? If not, try it, and then consider again the bike trail. Because there won’t be as many kids using the trail as use the park, and where are they supposed to go when Mother Nature calls?I know there are lots of trees out there, but come on guys, and ladies, put yourself in the folks place that use the park every day.If it would help you any I would be more than willing to start a fund for the park restroom by writing you a check for $100. I don’t have much but someone has to get you off on the right foot. I am sure that there are some of you folks that could give some, too.Florence MillerTecumseh

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